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Kedra's Closet
Kedra's Closet
Kedra's Closet
Kedra's Closet
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Best of Gospel And Negro Spirituals in France

Elikya Gospel Singers
Elikya Gospel Singers

L’histoire du groupe Elikya Gospel Singers a commencé en 1990, grâce à la motivation de cinq jeunes Africains à Paris, formés depuis leur enfance à chanter dans diverses chorales d'église.

Son objectif est de présenter clairement l’Evangile par des chants essentiellement de style gospel et negro-spiritual de haute qualité et d’encourager non seulement les chrétiens à un engagement plus profond pour Christ, mais aussi tous ceux dont la musique inspire une paix universelle et appelle à la cohésion sociale. Elikya Gospel Singers s’inspire de la réflexion du Réformateur Martin Luther : « Après la musique, seule la parole de Dieu mérite d’être appréciée ». En effet Elikya, qui signifie « espérance », veut proclamer le message d’espérance chrétien dans un monde si souvent gouverné par l’égoïsme, la violence et la cupidité.

Elikya Gospel Singers a mené une série de prestations en France et dans la plupart des pays européens, laissant à de nombreux spectateurs un souvenir inoubliable.

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Until the lions have their own storytellers the tales of hunting will always glorify the hunter. (African proverb)
Life is too short to date a stingy man. (Yoruba proverb, Nigeria)
It takes a village to raise a child. (African proverb)
A river that forgets its source will surely dry up. (Yoruba proverb, Nigeria)
The man who marries a beautiful woman and the farmer who grows corn by the road side have the same problem. (Ghana)
A heart that loves is always young. (Yoruba proverb, Nigeria)
Love is a painkiller. (Yoruba proverb, Nigeria)
Where there is love, there is no darkness. (Burundi)
There is something inside us that is beyond. TEDTALK
You cannot convince a monkey that honey is sweeter than banana (Nigeria)
A little bird dancing in the street has someone beating the drum in the bush. (Igbo proverb, Nigeria)
When talks run into a deadlock, a tricky man always gains. (Igbo proverb, Nigeria)
Love secured by force is hate (Igbo proverb, Nigeria)
The marriage that runs smoothly is the one in which the husband is deaf and dumb and the wife blind. (Igbo proverb, Nigeria)
Whoever stands up knows where he is going. (Igbo proverb, Nigeria)
Poverty of the mind is worse than that of the pocket. (Igbo proverb, Nigeria)
The food you eat in your debtor’s house does not count toward his debt. (Igbo proverb, Nigeria)
If you wish to lose your friend, just lend him money. (Igbo proverb, Nigeria)
When a handske goes beyond the fist, it becomes either a fight or a romantic action.
The attire you wore to a celebration prompted the host to ask you to help in serving other guests. (Igbo proverb, Nigeria)