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“FILM FOR STUDENTS WEEK” aims to introduce students to the Nigerian Film industry called Nollywood. Talk to us about an educational programme in filmmaking techniques in your school or university.


 Do you have money to shoot a movie? Have you got a good script or you are looking for someone to write one for you? Do you have a beautiful cast? Do you have investors or executive producers? Talk to us now!



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“With his new, one of-a-kind kitchen table page-turner, “Nollywood: The Billion Dollars Money Zone,” my long-time friend Cyprian Josson has written his own name into the yet-unwritten history books on the great unfolding story that is Nollywood. His book will forever be cherished by scholars, movers and shakers, and fans of Nollywood worldwide. “Nollywood: The Billion Dollars Money Zone” is nothing but the delightful product of a great labor of love for Josson, who would admit to you that “I don't know what inspired me to write it. I don't think I could have written a better book.”   Buy the book 
Cyril Ibe is professor of Journalism and Digital Media at Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio, USA.


Nollywood Radio France promotes Nollywood Week Paris film festival


 Adesuwa Osuyi is Nollywood France Correspondent in Abuja, Nigeria. Adesuwa is a television producer, presenter, newscaster and writer, who started professional broadcasting in 2014 after training with the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria as a producer then later swapped to television presenting in 2015.
Her love for being in front of the camera has seen her delve into fashion modelling, dancing and acting, she played a lead role in "shared," a short film that was screened and nominated for the Best short film category at the 13th Abuja International Film Festival and the Indi-Wise Festival USA 2016.


Until the lions have their own storytellers the tales of hunting will always glorify the hunter. (African proverb)
Life is too short to date a stingy man. (Yoruba proverb, Nigeria)
It takes a village to raise a child. (African proverb)
A river that forgets its source will surely dry up. (Yoruba proverb, Nigeria)
The man who marries a beautiful woman and the farmer who grows corn by the road side have the same problem. (Ghana)
A heart that loves is always young. (Yoruba proverb, Nigeria)
Love is a painkiller. (Yoruba proverb, Nigeria)
Where there is love, there is no darkness. (Burundi)
There is something inside us that is beyond. TEDTALK
You cannot convince a monkey that honey is sweeter than banana (Nigeria)
A little bird dancing in the street has someone beating the drum in the bush. (Igbo proverb, Nigeria)
When talks run into a deadlock, a tricky man always gains. (Igbo proverb, Nigeria)
Love secured by force is hate (Igbo proverb, Nigeria)
The marriage that runs smoothly is the one in which the husband is deaf and dumb and the wife blind. (Igbo proverb, Nigeria)
Whoever stands up knows where he is going. (Igbo proverb, Nigeria)
Poverty of the mind is worse than that of the pocket. (Igbo proverb, Nigeria)
The food you eat in your debtor’s house does not count toward his debt. (Igbo proverb, Nigeria)
If you wish to lose your friend, just lend him money. (Igbo proverb, Nigeria)
When a handske goes beyond the fist, it becomes either a fight or a romantic action.
The attire you wore to a celebration prompted the host to ask you to help in serving other guests. (Igbo proverb, Nigeria)



It's the story of Aisha and Obinna who are hell bent on getting married irrespective of their religious and tribal differences and both parents cannot afford to see it happen. UBA ONWUDIWE is the face of Nollywood in Canada.




We can free the writer in you ! Register now on your website and let's help you create and publish that book in you. Do not go to your grave with that story. It's a crime against humanity! You can start your journey as a writer with this photo. Think about your main character and the scene. Kill that editor in you and starting writing your new book. Allow yourself to write and so not stop…! 

Now look at this photograph. What can you see? Kill that editor in you and starting writing about it. You might be surprised to see your idea turning into a novel. You have five pages, and then twenty, then you start to feel like you’ve really got a book. 



Make a statement with your fashion by Kedra Curry


 Canadian based Nigerian designer Andrea Iyamah

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Summer is around the corner and if you live in tropical places like the Caribbean or Africa it's almost a year around event. This is the swimwear addition! These vibrant swimsuits are from the beautiful Canadian based Nigerian designer Andrea Iyamah.  Andrea Iyamah has established herself as a forced in the international fashion industry.  She has been featured in Ebony magazine, Essence Magazine and Cosmopolitan UK to name a few. The rich African flavor makes her collection grab your attention with dramatic details. Lagos Nigeria is known for fashion and she hopes to open a store there in the near future but now you can purchase her items on linehttps://www.andreaiyamah.com. I promise you that one swimsuit will not be enough! Enjoy this young designer as you see the flavor of Nigeria through her fabrics and colors.



The season of white is upon us! You will be the talk of the town in this all white pants suit with hat to match! Looking like you just walked off a Nollywood film set.  The Cape jacket is elegant and sexy! More White party looks to come!



Echante them with feminity!

You Can Make Many Statements with this Dress, by Kedra Curry

NO COMMENT! Just look and get inspired ladies! This one is called "The game of Seduction" Irresistible attire! Isn't it? Our contributor Kedra Curry has more for you! And for gentlemen of good manners, Kedra will help you to brand your personality. let your clothes talk for you start the conversation.Remember to check on this page and our blog post before you buy any clothes anywhere. We are here to serve.  We show you and you make your choice!

Gentlemen of Good Manners

This is for you! It’s called Kedra’s Closet. 

All eyes will be on you in this African print blazer and vest. Make a statement without saying a word. Elegance speaks volumes when you step out in style! Ooh lalaa!

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Nice dress for spring 

Spring and summer are months of amazing color. This beautiful African Print Maxi will make any woman feel like the Queen she is. It's stylish and chic with Greens and Orange to lift the joy inside of you.  

Note: Kedra Curry is a Scriptwriter and Filmmaker. Kedra lives in Florida, USA. Always come here for your inspiration!