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Welcome to Nollywood France. No.1 Nollywood Website in France created in 2013.
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Nollywood France screenwriting training


Every story must contain a kind of TRUTH. Then what is it that makes you to invest in a story? Learn how to write the Five Finger Pitch..

Nollywood France filmmaking training

Camera Shots

Tell your STORY with your camera using the THREE ACT Structure. If you want to break the rules, go ahead and do it. No worries !

Nollywood France Adobe premiere pro training

Film Editing

Adobe Premiere Software is easy to master. It´  s going to be your editing tool when you join our  courses online. Get the link today !

Nollywood France self publishing training

Self - Publishing

Kill that EDITOR  in you and allow yourself to write that book you have been dragging  for years like a burden. You are a book !

The basic structure of writing

Every single movie that you have seen has a three act structure


Act 1 is the begining and the introduction of the CHARACTER. The begining of the movie starts with the introduction of the HERO or HEROINE.  The place he or she is living in which shows their normal life. A good example is the WIZARD OF OZ.


Act 2 is the middle of the STORY. This is where the adventure takes place. The inciting incident kicks off: this is what happens to our HERO that throws him outside his  normal world and send him out for adventure: Temptations / Denials…etc


Act 3 is the final battle. This is where all comes together. This is where the Hero and the Villain will slowdown. This fight might be mental fight and whatever it is, this is the climax of the movie.  The Hero wins. The Hero sacrifices himself, whatever it is there is a RESOLUTION:

Creative Writing CourseS

Episode 1: The Antagonist

Episode 2: Antagonist Development

Episode 3: World of the Story

Episode 4: The Mentor

Episode 5: This Hero

Episode 6: The Central Character

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Serge Noukoue au lycee notre dame chartres


We have a little riddle for you

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We have a little riddle for you

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