success ndubuisi freelance journalist

The internet and technology have created innovations that allow me to improve the quality of my life. It has affected the way I think. Also, it has helped me develop myself both academically and socially. It has helped me achieve better educational outcomes across the globe, developing skills that I need to live in Nigerian society. The internet has led to important innovations in educational content, opening massive online courses by developing course materials from one country available to a student like me in another country. Lack of internet and technology for a week leads to setbacks and falling behind in the acquisition of skills.

The internet and technology take various forms and 80% of Nigerian students use them daily. It has changed the way we Nigerian students visualize things globally since we have enhanced interaction with people from various parts of the world. However, I realized some areas in the country are still lagging behind due to inflation of the dollar (1-dollar= 710 naira), crises, and the cost of data in Nigeria. 

The cost of 1GB of data is 1200 naira which has decreased the use of the internet in Nigeria. An average Nigerian student like me uses a minimum of 2GB a day for research and communication which is not affordable for students or too expensive. Most of the time, the data we use evaporates easily or will just disappear from one’s handset without any information from the operators. This has made it very difficult for a Nigerian student to enjoy such services. In my case, I do turn off my data when I am not online in order to save data and this has led to several missed information and late response to important messages.

In conclusion, I believe the internet has simplified both my academic, moral and social life. I would most likely admit that physical survival can’t be achieved without the use of the internet and technology, and a day without them is difficult and inconvenient. The internet and technology have made a very huge impact in my life within the space of four months of constant internet and technology. I can tell how far I have grown in every aspect of my life: physically, academically, socially, and otherwise through the use of the internet and technology. With this, I can convincingly affirm that ‘’A week without internet and technology’’ will be very devastating.