The internet has played a very significant role by providing endless information and knowledge about any topic, using search engines like Google Chrome, YouTube, and more. I, as a student benefit very much as the internet gives me a broader understanding and knowledge about my subjects which helps me learn and excel in my academics. As a student, I can’t count the number of times I go to search for things, especially things related to my academic work. I prefer to sit and research everything online to reading textbooks. Currently.

In my country Nigeria, all federal universities are on strike and I am a student in one of the federal universities. Through the internet and technology, I have been able to monitor situations around me like education [academic staff union of universities strike], being aware of the meeting and press conferences held to avert the strike. Without the internet and technology, I would be ignorant of information concerning the strike and when it will be called off. Also, I would leave my brain inactive for a week which could pose danger in the near future. Lack of understanding and information leads to low self-esteem and my inability to participate or feel competent within my environment.