Success Ndubuisi book cover

Many youths in Nigeria greatly desire to be another person, for so many reasons which hardly justify their motives. So many youths have downgraded and belittled themselves, that they don’t have values in themselves again. Some admire positive influence others negative influence. My first year in the university taught me a lot about being oneself, at first when I started the semester, I wasn’t very happy because my peers were mostly wearing expensive clothes, carrying smart phones, laptops and buying generator to power their rooms it was all new to me. But as time went on, I discovered that most of them can’t afford it causing them to do several dubious things to maintain that lifestyle. Most of them scam people, some steal others lie to their parents about one thing or the other and when they’ve tried everything and couldn’t get nothing most of them stop coming to school, eating or they keep roaming about begging and borrowing because they set standard that are higher than them. When I look at them, I always ask myself why Start something you can’t finish and this has helped me in many ways. I try not be a photocopy when I could be an original, I realized that not everyone is equal and if we strive and work hard, we would do excellently well. Everyone has his or her diverse talent, some are taller than others, stronger than others, smarter than. While studying I came across an interview with Elon Musk he was asked why he doesn’t spend so much money on expensive clothes and accessories he told the interviewer that he spend his money on only necessary things. We should learn that obstacles and challenges will always be there to meet you, the only thing we can do is device a means on how to tackle your challenges.