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If you have a really engaging TikTok, users will likely come to your page and watch your other videos. When brands follow trends people click on their profiles and end up engaging with more brand-generated content. You can also utilize other people’s profile pages to monitor trends. Looking at profiles of big-time TikTok celebrities like Addison Rae is a great way to familiarize yourself with trends that you can then capitalize on. One of TikTok’s newest resources, Creator Marketplace, connects businesses with influencers who could promote the company’s brand to their already established audiences.



The high-quality content you create with TikTok can easily be shared across all of your social channels. Just press the share button in the lower right corner of your TikTok video, and the options for sharing will pop up on the screen. While you might not have access to an internet goldmine of cute animals, there’s likely something unique or special about your cause that TikTok users will engage with. Think about your campaigns, programs, beneficiaries, volunteer experiences, and stories. Then, try to imagine how you can translate them into informational TikTok videos. Once you decide what your challenge will be and the hashtag, your next step is to drive audience participation.



Huge brands have already occupied the benefit of paid advertising on TikTok, which can practice vertical screen video ads, which then changeover to in-feed clips, expensive lenses, branded hashtags, etc. The widespread practice of organic promotion can be valuable; for instance, this Orange theory health Fitness audio-visual that added 255.5k views left without any advertising spend. Paid advertizing on TikTok can really help you kick your marketing strategy up a few notches, but there’s no point in investing if you don’t get it right. Read more about buy TikTok Views here. We can advise you on how to incorporate hashtag challenges, brand takeovers and in-feed native video into your marketing strategy, and do it well. And, since TikTok is the go-to platform for influencers, we can find and approach the best ones for your brand.



TikTok has a program to give businesses money for advertising on their platform. They have committed $100 million to ad credits for businesses that join and begin advertising on their platform. So while you brainstorm or film your first set of videos, keep the above tips in mind to create unique and engaging content. The Facebook Ad Library has ads data dating back to the last decade while TikTok didn’t even exist back then.



Before you start creating content, learn about the TikTok demographics, and identify those who might be interested in your brand. Here’s how to develop a TikTok marketing strategy that’s made to adapt along your TikTok journey. With a business account, you can add more information to your profile and access real-time metrics and audience insights.



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