E – Book of Nollywood France Bimbo and Okeke – 10

nollywood France ebook

“Be my guest ladies and gentlemen”,   she announced to them. The party started on their table and on the other VIP tables around them. Then Okeke was called to receive his Award and the other Awardees lined up on the stage just like him. Each of them made a speech and talked about who they would like to dedicate their Award to. Then entertainment followed preparing the ground for Kiss Daddy to come on stage but he was no where around the hall. Suddenly, a slim young man with dark glasses walked into the hall surrounded by body guards and fans.

“That’s Kiss Daddy”, Derby told Okeke.

 “That’s the boy who held Patty on ransom?”, he answered her

“What do you mean?”, Derby asked

“Oh, I’m sorry. I was talking to Babatunde”, Okeke answered her. But she whispered in his ears something and Okeke shuddered with surprise.

“I want to be fucked tonight by you” The sound of music and the fans of Kiss Daddy swallowed half of the sentence and Okeke wanted to make sure of what Derby has just whispered in his ears was true but he needed to confirm it too.

“You want me to fuck you tonight?” he asked her.

“Yes lover boy. I can see it in your eyes. No need pretending…” she replied.

“Eeeem. I will take you to my hotel after the show”, Okeke said.

“No. You will come with me to my VIP suit. You are my guest tonight. Then you can interview me on my bed, my lover boy” She told him.

“Whaooo!” Okeke exclaimed.

“Okay Madame”, he replied.

“Derby, call me Derby…” she corrected him

“Okay Derby…eeemm”, replied Okeke

Now the MC announced official that Kiss Daddy was in the house and the show must go on as from now. Kiss Daddy on stage was a real folly. He moved his dancing steps as he sang on playback his own songs. The girls held up their mobile phones capturing every movement he made and chanting with him his songs. It was real frenzy! Kiss Daddy’s first entry on stage lasted just five minutes and he was whisked away by his manager for him to have some rest. Okeke was surprised to see him soaking himself with whisky, drinking himself off senses like a drunkard. In all, King Daddy’s show lasted only twenty minutes that night and the organizers were satisfied with the turn out of the show. Babatunde was disappointed with the show. Derby took her bag and tapped on Okeke’s shoulder for them to leave the place for her luxurious hotel suit. He had mixed feeling about Derby’s sexual advance. It was just like the tune of folly played by a woman he has just met for the first in Frankfurt. He went straight to Babatunde and told him that Derby asked for for an interview. But the music blasting in all corners of the hall covered his words. He just waved at him and followed Derby and both of them moved out of the hall.

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