E – Book of Nollywood France Bimbo and Okeke – 7

nollywood France ebook

At the corridor he heard the voice of some Nigerians from their rooms. Many Nigerians were lodged in the same hotel. People were talking at the top of their voices in broken English.

“Aaaah, Show!”, shouted one lady coming out of the lift.

“I swear, that bobo, no go see my toto”, her friend replied.

 “No bi today, wee gnash dey for back”, another lady concluded.

Okeke found room 604 on his card which served as a key to open the door. While he was trying to figure out how to open the high tech door, one of the ladies rushed towards him and offered to help.

“Monica, please to meet you”, she greeted Okeke.

“I’m Okeke”, he replied. She was wearing a short white towel which covered just her breast and one can easily see her thighs.

“Give me the card”, she said. Monica opened the door and helped Okeke with his travelling box inside the room. Suddenly, she let go the short white towel on the floor. And now she was completely naked and Okeke looked at her in awe as she was approaching to touch him. Okeke was dumb while his eyes steered at her big boobs and beautiful curves. Monica pushed Okeke on the bed.

“If you refuse, I will shout and tell people you raped me. And you know what that means”, Monica warned Okeke.

“Yes I know but what do you call what you are doing now”, replied Okeke

“Are you not a man? Look at the package I’m offering you as a welcome present and you still have the courage to argue with me”, She cautioned him.

“Okay”, replied Okeke

“Okay meaning what? You go do or you no go do?”

“I go do”, Okeke replied in pidgin in English like Monica

“Na so you dey make iyanka. I beg you go make me feel like a woman” she said with a wide smile. Monica pushed pulled off Okeke’s trousers and tore his shirt ! 

Now she was lying on top of him but Okeke quickly become the dominator as he made her lie on her back.  Her erective nipple and pussy was a delight. She moaned with pleasure as Okeke gently fingered her pussy. She loved it and begged him to caress her vulva. He did. Then he put his tongue on her pussy and was stroking it slowly and up and down. Her legs opened up to him and the pleasure overwhelmed her whole body. “You have touched it sir, touch it ! touch it sir”, she moaned.

“Oga e dey sweet  meooooo; I de come, I de comeoooo! I de come! Haaaa!

Na the first time oga wey I dey feel like this ooo!

Haaaaaaalleluyaaaaaa! Hahahaaaleluyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

“Oh, my God! Oh my God ooooo!  God bless you in the name of Jesus”

Okeke turned her round and she was now on her hands and knees. His cock was buttered by her thick juices and her opening sucked it in as she contracted in and out her pussy. She was asking for more and he satisfied her wishes with endless thrusts that left her panting, shivering…

“Fuck me sir. I’m coming again , first time to have orgasm”, she screamed.

Now Okeke was sucking her pussy. She screamed louder.

 “Oh, my God!  Oh my God! You don touch am! I de come, I de come, you don touch am. Thank you sir, thank you sir. How did you do it? Orgasm again sir!”

 Okeke felt her pussy dripping juices on his hard dick. Now she took Okeke’s dick in her mouth working it with her tongue, occasionally licking the bulging penis and made him spurt a frotty juice. Then she drank the last spurt from his dick gently.

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