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nollywood France ebook

Okeke decided to call his confident in Canada. Chioma has been his spiritual guide whenever he was battling with life. The problem at stake here has to do with the mind and Chioma stood out to be the best soul healer in the world. All their conversation or chat was through Whatsapp, just in the same way Okeke has maintained a long distance relationship with Bimbo. Chioma was Okeke’s facebook friend before they became real friends and she used to call him “my brother” right from the start of their friendship. Many Nigerian women use this term to let you know that they are engaged or not interested in a love relationship with you. Others use abbreviations such as “IJN” which means in “In Jesus name” to warn you that despite your kindness, sex will never be involved in your friendship with them. Nigerian ladies are very good in using coded words and signs. You must know how to decode them otherwise they will send you down to the abyss without pity. It’s easier for Nigerian men to understand these strange and complicated codes. Much of it can drain your emotions while chasing Nigerian ladies. Men who fall into their traps are called “MUGU” which means a big fool. In fact, many of them will use you and even give your money to their boyfriends. That’s the new love scam! Okeke was in love with Bimbo because she did not fall into one of these categories. She was just a resourceful business lady who needed honest and kind lover like Okeke. Just someone to trust! Just someone to be by her side! But the failed Toronto – Frankfurt trip threw a lot of doubt in the mind of Okeke.

Chioma trusted Okeke because he was a man of integrity but she was surprised when he revealed to her the story of Bimbo and how they met in Paris. 

Lover boy, any news from the queen?  Chioma asked Okeke.

Okeke:  Yes, the cat and mouse game will end on Friday. If I don’t see her in Frankfurt I will walk away from her.

 Chioma: What’s up?

Okeke: She can’t make it due to the high ticket rate and the bad plan to obtain the Canadian visa. Talking to her today she blamed her association for the mess. The next opportunity for us to see will be in june next year as she kept saying that she can’t live without me.

Chioma: What a shame!

Okeke: Really a big shame!

Chioma: Last minute plan for ticket?

Okeke: They are crazy over there

Chioma: Maybe she wants you to pay for the ticket

Okeke: Too late!

Chioma: Because actors’ guild group coming for the Maryland cinema Award all paid their own ticket. I knew she was up to a game as soon as you mentioned Canadian visa.

Okeke: Strange enough she lost on both ends

Chioma: This is her game to buy time to get what she wants from you…She wants you to be desperate to commit to something more in the relationship. She is banking on the longer you wait the stronger the need to see her will be. She wants marriage not friendship.

Okeke: I have already helped her with a reasonable amount when she was broke.

Chioma: She wants marriage

Okeke: Not now for marriage. We are like married people now, it’s a secret marriage and she accepted it for now.

Chioma: That’s the only place her head is and that’s her reason for this mess because she can borrow money to make it work if she really wanted to see you now and pay back later. Please don’t believe she accepted it. That woman will kill to be your wife…

Okeke: She tried to get the money and did not succeed because of the bad economic situation in Nigeria, and since she had problems with the vice president of their association she did not get the money.

Chioma: Please don’t believe this …

Okeke: Still in doubt and what do I do now?

Chioma: The money has nothing to do with the vice president. She is so close to the president. She is a very smart woman with a target.

Okeke: I think so

Chioma: Nothing else matters

Okeke: You mean?

Chioma: Trip is not important now for her till she sees commitment on your end.

Okeke: What type of commitment?

Chioma: Marriage! She doesn’t care.

Okeke: For me?

Chioma: In her mind you are single

Okeke: Tha’s true

Chioma: She doesn’t care about white woman. All she wants is you!

Okeke: Waoooo!!!

Chioma: For a Nigerian woman to give up on a trip to Germany…there’s more to it than ticket…mere ticket…no way. The last time you helped her with money she was testing you… it wasn’t that bad. You are dealing with a Lagos business woman.

Okeke: I’m in a mess because I can’t talk about marriage now. She didn’t ask for it though. She kept talking about money.  But she never asked me to help her.

Chioma: How can a woman ask? We just play games. Bimbo has been disappointed by few men abroad…she wants to do this one right.

Okeke: That’s what she told me

Chioma: I know her game because I am playing one for over a year…

Okeke: Do I continue or stop now?

Chioma: Then you will attend her funeral. Keep moving forward

Okeke: Okay I will. I will not upset her in any way.

Chioma: She has already checked you out and she knows you are her soul mate and she will do anything to make you marry her. A part of her blames you for all the pain men put her through for not finding her earlier.

Okeke: Now I have found her

Chioma: Yeah, you have to tell her to wait for you. She wants to get married next year.

Okeke: Okay. I’lI let her know when I come back from Frankfurt.

Chioma: Please do. Just reassure her. She misses you…It’s killing her not to see you this time.

Okeke: I did that this morning and she was happy

Chioma: Twin mate connection is very complicated. The only thing the awaken twin wants is completion. That’s where Bimbo is heading to.

Okeke: It will happen. One good thing in this story is that without her I could have declined Patty’s invitation to receive my Award in Germany. I didn’t want to go until she decided to make the trip.

Chioma: Good thing that you are going… really good Patty

Okeke: She played a good role without knowing it

Chioma: Yep…

Okeke: Patty is my man. Nice fellow and a generous person. You need to know him.

Chioma: Yeah. Patty and I are friends on facebook.

Okeke was relieved with Chioma’s advice but he was a little bit worried to hear from her that she was playing a love game with someone in the same manner like Bimbo. He tried to reflect why and how Chioma became his confident. In fact, they have talked to each other on skype for almost four years and the addition of all the petty talks, cock and bull talks, sharing of joy and pain have helped them to build a solid friendship. All in all, they have never met each other in person.

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