E – Book of Nollywood France Bimbo and Okeke – 8

nollywood France ebook

“Thank you sir. You made me feel like a woman. It’s the first time I had orgasm in my life. How much do you want me to pay you?”

“What did you just say? I’m not a gigolo”, Okeke bursted with anger.

“No oga. Na joke I dey joke”, Monica replied

“I’m a journalist…..” He warned her. And before he could finish his sentence, she held him close to her again but he refused to make love to her.

“Leave my room now”, Okeke ordered her. She took her white towel on the floor, wrapped it across her waist and rushed to the door.

“I don cause you with my toto. Waka !” She warned him. Monica opened the door and vanished in the corridor. What a welcome to Frankfurt! She was really sweet and the thought of her hunted him because he might want her to come over again.

In the evening, Okeke was invited to make a speech at the CineStar Frankfurt am Main Metropolis cinema theatre after the screening of the Stick, a Nollywood movie programmed by the organizers of Nollywood Award.  The turnout for the movie was very huge. There were about four hundred spectators in the hall and mostly Germans. Some lived and worked in Nigeria while others were there to discover the new cinema called Nollywood. “The Stick”, was a movie about love, hatred, black magic and forgiveness. After the screening of the movie, Okeke was called to deliver his speech on why distribution of Nollywood movies is still the weakest link in the industry. How can Nigerian producers set up a distribution channel that pleases the international and local markets? Do new Nollywood films tend to please the international market at the risk of its authentic local appeal? All these questions were answered by Okeke during his speech to the audience in the CineStar Frankfurt am Main Metropolis Cinema.  There was a loud ovation for Okeke as he stepped down the podium to join the crowd. The conversation continued during the cocktail offered by the Cinema house for promoting their name worldwide with a new cinema from Africa.

“Nollywood is good for you” became their slogan and the director of the cinema hall promised to programme five Nollywood movies every week in their five cinema halls in Frankfurt. Herr Addler, the director of the cinema theatre approached Okeke and was complimenting him of his speech.

“We will invite you for another conference”, he promised him.

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