E – Book of Nollywood France Bimbo and Okeke Episode 11

nollywood France ebook

The taxi made its way down the busy main street and their stop was still a good distance. Derby was busy reading the newspaper on his IPad that she did not notice Okeke has fallen asleep in the car. She was still very much engrossed reading the article about a new book on Erotic Poems that recently was making headlines around the world.  It was not until he sat he coughed, did her attention finally come to the present moment. Now Okeke was awake and looked at Derby. His smile was always the first thing she noticed and his eyes always intently looking at her as if he knew a secret about her. The hours were quickly winding down before she would have to leave. Derby wanted to prepare their love nest and create a night he would never forget. They moved out of the taxi and went straight to the counter of the hotel where Derby picked her keys and Okeke followed her.  When they got to the door, he was still holding her hand.  She paused then withdrew it from his and opened the door. He closed the door and rested his back on it, pulling her closer to him. He kissed her, sucking her lower lips and she his upper lips.  His arms were wrapped tightly around her waist, trusting her pelvis toward his.  She could feel him, beneath his coat and jeans.  When she pulled back from him, he only drew her closer. Another sensual kiss, this time his hand was squeezing her butt.

Je t’aime, tu es mon Cœur, he whispered in her ear.

He finally let go of her and took his coat off.  Derby lighted the candles and started the fire in the fireplace. She had put the wood in the fireplace and had laid out a comforter and pillows on the floor. She lighted scented rose candles and of course the bottle of cognac was on the table. Okeke looked around the big apartment and noticed that Derby had prepared a romantic scene before coming to the party. The only puzzle missing was to find a man like him to complete the circle. Now he stands there like a stud waiting for the command of his mistress who created a cinema décor to satisfy her sexual appetite that night. On the table there was only one glass for the night and they would share everything. There was silence in the room. 

Her body ached for more.  He rested her head on the pillows and moved away again. Again, excitement filled her body in anticipation of what would be next.  Derby’s hands and legs were still tied and as if to remind her that she was his for the night he tightened the shirt once more around her eyes.

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