E – Book of Nollywood France Bimbo and Okeke Episode 12

nollywood France ebook

He picked her up and held her in his arms like a new born baby.  She felt save in his arms and her love for him could not have been any deeper or stronger at that tender moment.

“You know I love you and there in nothing I would not do for you”, said Okeke

Derby nodded yes.

“Do you love me” he asked her. 

“Yes I do” she answered

“Do you trust me” he asked. 

“Yes I do”, answered Derby

He lifted the shirt from her eyes but still kept her hands and legs tied..  Her eyes slowing adjusted to the room only light by the candles and the light from the fire.  He was looking at her intently again and gave her that smile which was so welcoming.

“I want you to completely trust me”, he said.

 “I do” and the words came so quickly out of her mouth that she felt she had entered into another realm.

“Are you my love for always” he said so gently.  Again she nodded yes.

“Then allow this night to unfold under my control and trust that I love you.”

“I do trust you my love.  I want to please you in ways that you have never been before” she said to Okeke.

Derby could see the love in his eyes and she was ready for what the night would bring if it would please her love. He kissed her passionately then laid her back on the floor, supporting her head with the pillow.  Her hands still tied and above her head he wrapped her eyes again, sending her into darkness, excitement, anticipation and pleasure.  He sucked on one breast and rubbed the other, he moved away and she could sense him over her slowing as he straddled her again, this time on her chest.  She could feel his penis caressing her neck, then her chin.  He took it by the hand and rubbed it around her lips.  Her tongue tries to lick it, but he kept moving it away.  She turned her head back and forward trying to taste her lover’s juice, but he was teasing her.  Finally, he let his penis rest on her lips.  She opened her mouth and licked it like it was sweet candy.  My tongue found his balls and licked them as well.  She wanted to guide his dick into her mouth, but her hands were still tied.  Sensing what she wanted he put it into her mouth. 

Her mouth felt full with her lover’s penis.  It was warm and salty to the taste.  She sucked it like she was being nourished from it.  She could hear him moaning with pleasure and she was content to bring him such pleasure.  She licked and sucked until finally he exploded in her mouth, his juices filled her mouth and began running down the side of her face and she tried to drink in as much as she could feeling his juice was his essence and she wanted it to be to be part of hers.  As she licked the final traces of his juice off her lips, she felt him reach over her then the smell of cognac and then the glass on her lips.  He guided the glass and only let it just touch the tip of her lips.  Then she could tell he took a big sip and before she knew it, his lips were on hers.  She opened her mouth and to her surprise he gave her a drink of the cognac from his mouth. He had filled it with cognac to share with his love. She felt loved and taken care of even in this manner of giving her a drink.  Their tongues entwined in a romantic kiss with cognac on their breaths and passion ruling the night. 

He let her rest back again on the pillow as she savored the taste of his juice mixed with cognac in her mouth.  Derby’s skin was hot to the touch.  Her body was ready to do his bidding at just the sound of his voice.  As she lays there with the heat of the fireplace dancing on her body, enjoying the instant replay of the last few minutes in her mind the doorbell rang.

Derby’s heart skipped a beat. 

“Untie me”, she whispered, quickly.  “Who can that be at this hours.”

She did not feel any sense of panic from him and wondered if her covered eyes had dulled her senses or was she not reading the atmosphere well.  She tried to sit up and felt him press her body back down and put his finger on my lips to silence her. What was going on.  She was confused.

Do you trust me” he said. 

“Yes, but tell me what the hell is going on.  Who is at the door?” she said.

“Relax and trust me” Okeke said to her.

His voice scared and calmed her all at the same time. She could feel him opening the door and her heart began beating even faster.  The cold air from outside interrupted the warmth coming from the fireplace.  She could hear footsteps entering and kisses on both cheeks being exchanged between her lover and the stranger. As is human nature many questions ran through her mind in just moments.

Who was this person?

Why were they here?

Was I going to be humiliated?

Was this part of the game?

This has gone to far

How can I be so stupid?

Here I am tied up and blind folded, helpless, helpless.

How could I have trusted him?

What was he planning on doing?

“It’s ok my love.  You have to trust me”, Okeke reassured her. 

There it was again.  His voice:  The one that scared and calmed her at the same time. She could not think, she felt trapped, scared and more than ever under his control. 

She had two choices.  She could remain in her panic state or just let go and trust him.  After all, she had played these games before with her boyfriend but it never involved anyone else.

“There she is, that is the love of my life.  The one I told you about.  This night is a special night for us”, Okeke told her.

 When she heard his voice ever so tender and loving she knew in that moment she had to just let go and let him take control.  In that moment she chose to trust him. She was still curious, who was this stranger and what was going to happen. He walked over to her and again took her in his arms so lovingly as if he was handling something so precious to him.  He kissed her gently and whispered in her ears.

“Darling, I love you so much and I wanted this night to be very special for us. Do you love me”. 

She nodded yes.

 “Do you trust me”,he asked heragain.  She nodded yes.

“Then let folly have its way tonight” he said.

Suddenly, Okeke woke up and touched the sides of his bed to find out that he was a dream. It was a mirage! Erotic illusion! He remembered that Derby did not follow Derby to her hotel. How can her erotic experience with derby be so real and he remembered every inch of his dream. When he picked up his phone on the table there was a whatsapp message from Derby which reads “can we see today in the afternoon?”.

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