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Standby Gutten Tag Hotel was calm in the morning when Derby dropped him. The Nigerian visitors came back very late from the Nollywood Award ceremony and music event. Babatunde met a lady who called herself Princess Precious in the night and Okeke noticed that he was picked a great interest in her because both of them ignored Kiss daddy, the capricious singer in the hall. As they couldn’t stand him anymore, Babatunde took her out of the ceremony venue and that was how Okeke missed their company that night.

It was in the morning that he saw them in the restaurant of the hotel when he came down for breakfast. Okeke was surprised to see that Babatunde was in a bad mood that morning. And when Princess Precious left the table to fix herself up with the assorted breakfast menu; where you can serve yourself as many times as you wish, Okeke left his table to join Babatunde to find out what was wrong with him. Princess has finished putting together the assorted German breakfast in her tray and now joined the two men who were discussing about her in a low tone.

“Good morning sir”, Princess greeted Okeke.

“Good morning. I’m Okeke”

“You are the journalist from Paris”, She replied. Then she looked at Babatunde and tuned a smile.  She asked Okeke and Babatunde to join her in her prayer to bless the food. Both men obeyed her sheepishly and Princess Precious started praying in the restaurant. The Germans and other foreign visitors looked at their table as Precious was blessing the breakfast. Her eyes were closed and the frequency of her voice was resonating higher and higher…

“Let somedy say Amen”, She started but nobody answered her

“ Father, bless this food and the cooks and when we eat it, let the holy ghost fire transport it inside us. Father, you are the Alfa and Omega, bless brother Babatunde and brother Okeke and save them from fornication. They are your children father, I hand their sins over to you and forgive them father,
I decree that demon in them to come out
Holy ghost fire! Holy ghost fire,
Bless this food in your heavenly manner
Let someone say Amen

The restaurant was very quiet. What audacity to force people you don’t know to join in your breakfast prayer!  Finally, one visitor from Benin Republic in the restaurant shouted “Amen”, the chorus Precious wanted to confirm her credibility in front of the two men who believed she was taking them for a ride.

“How dare you accuse us of fornication?”, asked Babtunde. He left the restaurant immediately and forfeited his breakfast while at the same time Okeke received a phone call from Patty. He excused himself to take his call.

“Is Precious with you there”, Patty asked Okeke

“Yes indeed”, Okeke answered.

“Just move away from her. I’ll tell you something”, he said.

Okeke moved further to the reception and Patty started his gist.

“Where were you last night after the Award ceremony?”, he asked Okeke

“I took taxi to the hotel and the next thing was to sleep away. I had a wonderful sleep. ”, Okeke said.

“I dropped Babatunde and Princess last night”, Patty told him.

“And so what?” Asked Okeke

“Later in the night Babatunde came back and knocked at the room of Princess”

“Go ahead…” Okeke said curiously.

“ So he heard us making love”, Patty said

“But how did he know because he can’t see what was going on inside the room while he was outside and in front of the door”, Okeke queried him.

“Yes that’s true. Princess told him that she was sick. But she was sucking me dry”, Patty finally let the cat out of the bag.

“Poor Babatunde”, answered Okeke. Then he told him “I’m not interested in her anyway.  That’s the nature of the beast. Princess Precious used the breakfast morning prayer as a cover up and Babatunde far from being a stupid man knew it was a sheer hypocrisy.”

“Really..” shouted Patty

“Yes. That was what happened this morning. She disturbed the whole visitors in the restaurant with her prayers”, Okeke told him.

“Show, show, show, I gnash, gnash, gnash till wey she want me to come back this afternoon. But gayi man no fit because of the festival. The show must go on…” Patty wished Okeke safe journey back to Paris the next day and thanked him for turning up for the Film festival and Award ceremony.

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