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“Oh my love”, she shouted and hugged him. Okeke held her so tight and moved his tongue to her mouth and he started to kiss her passionately in the corner of the street. They looked at each other blissfully with romance. This is love in Paris.

“I’ll take you for lunch”, Okeke told her. Bimbo was in quiet mood now.

“Heey. Did you hear me”, Okeke asked her.

“Yes my love. Anywhere you go, I will follow you”, She whispered in his ears.

“Really”, Okeke said.

“Take me, take me my love”, She replied. Okeke took her to “Le Restaurant de Paris” located in Champs Elysee area. As they were about to enter the restaurant, there was a porter outside the door who ushered them inside and Bimbo was impressed with the place. One of the waiters took them to a table for two and they sat down. Okeke picked the menu card and presented it to Bimbo to make her choice. But she was lost in her thought as the mood for the lunch was full of romance. The dinted lights, the music and the prestigious restaurant uplifted her personal esteem and her love for the city. Paris is a different place. Men here a very romantic even black men like Okeke have joined after having lived in the city for a long time. In slumber, one of the waiters joined to pick their orders.

“Madame, Monsieur, What would you like to have”, The waiter asked.

“Grilled chiken fillet with rice, salad and French fries” he answered.

“And you Bimbo?” he asked her.

“Just the same thing”, she replied.

They ate in silence and Bimbo suddenly broke the silence.

“Are you married?”, she asked Okeke

“Yes. Does that border you?”, he replied her.

“I can understand. It doesn’t bother me.”

“Do you have a boy friend?”, Okeke asked her.

“Yes..” She replied.

“Why are you with me then..?” he questioned her.

“With him, it’s up and down. I feel something for you”, she answered.

They look at each other and smiled. The body language sounds like the new lovers in the same wave length because they both have somebody in their lives, and yet the law of attraction or infatuation has caught up with them. None of them know where this love affair will take them to. But they wanted to give it a trial. They left the restaurant and headed straight to their hotel. Okeke decided to take Bimbo for a walk in the beautiful French gardens where you find pigeons and people enjoy nature and close to them there artists painting the passerby with their historic brushes. Paris offers everything the mind needs to love. But when they returned to their hotel Bimbo refused to have sex with Okeke because she was not the type to sleep around with anybody that comes her way.

“I don’t sleep around like that…” she told him

“But you kissed me and we romanced ourselves but…” Okeke Stammered.

“That should be enough for you. But for sex you will not have it”, she told him.

She left his room in a hurry and Okeke was there staring like a fool.

“You can go to hell”, he caused her. “I don’t blame you. It is my fault to fall so cheap for you. You can go….” There was a knock at his door and when he opened the door, it was Bimbo.

“I’m sorry Okeke,  I have headache…” She said. Okeke was standing in front of his door and would not let her into the room.

“And so what…?” he replied.

“So you won’t let me into your room?” she asked.

“I have no time for you Bimbo. Go away” he finally told her. He banged the door! Bimbo move away to her room and called him five hours later that she had fever.

“What do you have again” Okeke asked her.

“I really wanted to stay with you but I have fever. Can you come to my room tomorrow morning?”

“Okay. See you tomorrow…” replied Okeke.

The next day was Sunday morning. Okeke went to see Bimbo. She opened the door and there was a smile on her face but she felt very tired because she did not sleep the whole night because of her illness.

“Thank you darling for coming to see me….” She told him. She was wearing light pyjamas and when she turned her back to go back to bed, Okeke was carried away with the contour of her buttock. Now she was in her bed but he couldn’t stand her shaking with fever and suddenly he promised to buy her medications and orange juice and water that morning. It was Sunday morning in Paris. Okeke was lucky to find a chemist open and there he bought her Doliprane 1000 to stop the fever. Then he went straight to the grocery near the Chemist to buy her orange juice and mineral water. He rushed down to the hotel but the elevator was blocked and Okeke had no other alternative to climb the stairs to the sixth floor where Bombo was still suffering from high fever. He knocked at the door and she let him into the room. She was pleased to see him as her face beamed with smile. She swallowed quickly one of the tablets and went back to bed.

“I’ll check on you later”, Okeke told her.

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