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Bimbo arrived in Lagos and for two week Okeke did not hear from her.

Notes: Bimbo was broke and called Okeke to help her.

Okeke: Have a nice trip to Abuja. Send me photos. Waiting to hear from you.

Bimbo: Missed your calls. In the market trying to help my sister in law get some stuff.

Bimbo: just tried activating internet on my phone so you may get my messages immediately.

Bimbo: It’s 1:32pm now and not sure when you will get the message. Likely to leave for Abuja on Sunday cos festival starts on Tuesday. Won’t make sense going from 2day and start paying 8K for hotel.

Bimbo: Hello

Okeke: I’ll call you now.

Okeke: We shall talk before you leave for Abuja. Try on getting there to take photos on the red carpet and banner for the website. I will start the construction of your website next week with the content I have now about you. If you can film yourself talking about the event and why you decided to grace the occasion that will be nice for the website. Please go to the event with your agenda which will add more value to your image on the website.

Okeke: Let’s talk about the website when you are free today. Send me a text message.

Bimbo: Just leaving the market.

Okeke: You must be tired after a whole day in the market. You need some rest when you get home. I’ll rather call tomorrow.

Bimbo: Thanks so much for understanding.

Bimbo: In the traffic at the moment

Okeke: What a hectic day for you. Be careful and patient on the steering

Bimbo: Hello dear. In Abuja, Hope you are good?

Okeke: Yes my love. Just started your beautiful website this evening. I’m really excited! The job continues tomorrow evening after school.

Bimbo: Oh ! love sign! Thanks so much. I love you, I love you, I love you!

Bimbo: Hello dear. I’m at the festival ground and Chuks Mordi is here.

Okeke: Greet him for me. Tell him I received the three videos today. Je t’appelle –means I love you!

Bimbo: J’taime?

Bimbo: Lol. Thanks. Will sure do.

Okeke: Je t’aime not Je t’appelle.

Okeke: Your website is in progress. I had one hour to work on it this afternoon. Going back to school now . Enjoy your festival my love.

Bimbo: Wow!!! Thanks so much. Will do and you too.

Bimbo: Hello dear. My phone is bad. I can hear you. Still in Abuja. Will leave today

Okeke: Send me photos for the website

Bimbo: The phone doesn’t ring out and the other person on the line can’t hear me.

Bimbo: Didn’t really take pictures but will try to get from the organizers.

Okeke: Please do

First picture landed on the phone

Okeke: I have almost finished the website. But I need more information from you.

Photos landing on the photo.

Bimbo: That’s all I took with my phone. Thanks so much dear. Very hectic but lovely event.

Okeke: Any video?

Bimbo: Had much fun and all thanks to you for making it happen. Starts 9am and ends 10pm. Learnt so much.

Okeke: You are my love and you deserve more and more

Bimbo: Three Love signs

Okeke: Great we need all that to push your website. I asked your fan in Illorin to send me articles on you.

Bimbo: Really? Sure she’s got a lot. Lol

Okeke: On the website good writers can win a prize of 5000 naira for a solid article about you. I will pay it! That’s the carrot to make the website more interactive and interesting. You will review it before I publish but for now nobody can see the construction. Have a great day. I’m fine. Great pictures!

Bimbo: Wow!!

Bimbo: Thanks so much. Do have a fabulous day! Want to relx a bit before I start heading to the airport. Love sign!

Okeke: Okay my love, safe journey

Bimbo: Got home late last night. Good morning and happy Sunday.

Okeke: Good morning my live. I sent you a mail this morning to see the work with the login and Password plus a report with the details about the website. I’ll call you tonight. Have a great day.

Bimbo: Okay dear. Seen the mail. Doing a write up on my crew and trying to edit what I sent to you last night. It was just a rough one. Will resend to you later tonight.

Okeke: yes my love. I received all the photos; just downloading them now.

Bimbo: Okay. Just tried calling you but went to voice mail. Sorry I missed your call. The line you called is not good as the phone is faulty.

Okeke: I’ll call you now. The link of the website was sent to Bimbo. Above is the link
The website is responsive and that means it can adapt to all mobile devices. Have a great day.

Okeke: Are you still on set? Let’s talk when you are free tonight.

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