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Celebrity of the week ……Bimbo Bamidele

Bimbo: Hello dear. How are you and how is school? Sure good. Back home on Monday but off ijebu on Friday for family party.

Okeke: I’ll call you tonight my love.

Bimbo broke……. Worried about her financial situation in the face of the recession in Nigeria: her boutique is closed and everyday she would while away her time in an NGO to run away from burden. The character is really worried!!!!

Okeke: I have given the instruction to Barrister Clem to remit the sum of 30 000 naira to you. He will send the money tomorrow to your account. Sleep fine we are together! I will continue to be on your side. Don’t worry!

Bimbo: Thanks so much dear

Bimbo: Amen and I’m on your side too dear

Bimbo: God will continue to bless you

Bimbo: Hello dear. Seen the Alert from Clem. Thanks.

Okeke: Have a great day.

Okeke sets out for a promotion campaign for Bimbo to raise her image. Extract from the video and more…..

Okeke: For you. I published it on your Facebook wall and other groups. I will publish it on the website tomorrow. Coming soon is the interview too. Bye. (Extract of the interview here….)

Bimbo: Thanks so much. Just stepped in few minutes ago since 6am. Went to Ijebu to see my mum and my car developed high temperature (over heating)

The next day:

Bimbo: Happy blessed New month to you and yours

Okeke: And you too

Bimbo: Thanks dear

Okeke: Happy Sunday darling. What’s the situation of your car? Let me know. Do not worry

Bimbo: I’m in church. The car is still there

Okeke: Okay I will send you money this week to repair it.

Bimbo: Okay. Thanks God bless you.

Okeke: Barrister Clem will transfer the money on Wednesday. He has an important case tomorrow. The amount is 56000 naira.

Okeke: Article posted. Have you received the money?

Bimbo: Not yet my dear but said it will be done this afternoon.

Bimbo: Just in an induction/workshop. Just saw your missed calls

Okeke: Just wanted to check if you received the money

Bimbo: Not yet dear

Okeke: next time I will go through Western Union. I don’t like delays.

Bimbo: It’s okay dear.

Bimbo: Just got the Alert from Barrister Clem osuji. Thanks so much dear. God will continue to bless and make you great.

Okeke: Great interview with Demola. I will post it on the website tonight. I like it.

Okeke: It’s uploading on You tube now. Nice interview for your brand “Bimbo Bamidele”. Always with my love.

Bimbo: Thanks so much.

Bimbo: My love Good day and how are you? Hope and believe that business and family are doing great. Please my dear I didn’t intend boring you with my problems but every December I do a program tagged Xmas with less prividged where we invite friends, familt, celebs, fans to bring items and support and host this event for them but this year will be a different and bigger…. This year´s event will be tagged Xmas Carol/Party for/with the children, orphans, widows, blend, deaf, dumb, down Sydrome kids, disabled, aged ones etc, in this event they will all perform in their own way with the celebs. So with that I want you to be the special guest of honour of the day of the event. Please don’t say No! we can never achieve this without helps, supports, sponsors and partnership. So we kindly ask for assistants financially, educational materials, medical products, canes for the blind, wheelchair, sewing machines, graining machine, wrappers for the widows, foams, food stuffs such as big, medium and small bags of rice, big and small groundnut oil(per cartons, big and small gallon groundnut oil, bags of salt, magi, spices, exercise books (branded with your face), children’s gift bags, cartoons of tin tomatoes, drugs, mosquito nets, clothes, books, toys, teaching aids, charts, educational DVD’s, sport equipment like footballs, vacationally materials……. We are going out all out because foundations that are truly affecting lives in the communities are voiceless, our society identify with the already made where as these one struggle without hope. Just know that a thousand of candles can be lit from a single candle but the life of the candle will not be shortened. Passion drives me that’s why I will never give up in doing anything that will give God glory.

Bimbo sent photos to Okeke on another event.

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