E – Book of Nollywood France | Bimbo and Okeke – Episode 2

nollywood France ebook

Bingo! Bimbo fired back which was quite unusual because of her shyness and alarmingly taciturn nature. Like I said, I am only coming to Germany to see you. I have no business coming for the movie festival because I was in France few weeks ago so it makes no sense coming again to Europe with the economy in such a terrible shape. But If I don’t feel anything for you, I won’t try doing everything possible to come to see you. I didn’t get the culture and information department to sponsor the trip which I didn’t tell you so you don’t feel bad. So what I’m doing is struggling to get the money from other source coupled with the fact that I just spent so much on the burial and the wedding. I am not a sex person. I have been heartbroken severally and made up my mind never again till you showed up and I see you as a different person which is why I gave you a chance to walk into my life. I am trying everything possible to stay in love considering the distance and my age won’t permit a long distance relationship but still, I try making it work. Got quite a lot of responsibilities here and also doing so many things just to keep myself alive since business is so bad and in between all these, I am also still struggling with a long distance relationship and trying to see you. Yes I was surprised you asked us to talk about sex because I know most men in long distance relationships do that a lot which disgust me but was so glad it wasn’t part of what we have going on. Do you think if we were together or probably in the same country don’t you think we would have gone pass that stage? We probably would have been tired of having sex. But the way we are, where we met and only saw ourselves in two days and every other thing has been a phone talk. None of us really know what the other is going through or look like except we voice it out who knows! Voicing it out may really not be like you seeing or feeling it physically. I am a very blunt person and whatever I don’t want, I don’t want. We all sure do know how to heal our pains as adults.”

Bingo! The message landed with a sound as Okeke was pressing home his own points to refresh the mind of Bimbo. “You confused me in your reply knowing too well that I have sent you money to help you because of the bad situation in Nigeria. You didn’t ask me for any money but I told you that I will be on your side and you received a reasonable amount of money from me in the local currency …Naira!  I am surprised that you borrowed money for your trip to Germany and why didn’t you share all these problems with me? You continue to confuse me when you said you gave me a chance to enter into your life! What a pity for me! It is my first time to descend so low for a person I met for the first time. And that’s real love and like you said you feel the same for me! Nice. So you gave me a chance and I gave you a chance too to walk into my life.”

Bingo!!! Bimbo replied. “Yes you’ve sent me money without me ever asking which I quite appreciate. I won’t bore you or bother you with my problems. I hate to stress people or ask people for help. I believe in sorting things out my own way which is the reason I have never asked you for anything. I’m sure if I had been demanding money and other stuff from you:  you would have walked away a long time ago and probably felt I was using you after our conversation last night. I truly do appreciate you and what you have done for me but I really don’t want to continue this conversation at least for now. Thanks.”

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