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Bimbo’s prayer on the first day of the year sent to Okeke:

Arise and shine in 2017 for thy light is come and the Glory of the Lord is risen upon thee. You shall be favoured, you shall be blessed, mercy shall find you and grace shall follow you. You shall be healthy with long life, you shall be wealthy with all promises of riches and goodness stepping in with 2017. Whoever curse you shall be cursed, whoever bless you will be forever blessed. You shall be great and be a blessing to all. Happy New Year, happy new month and happy week.

OKeke: Amen     Okeke called Bimbo because of lack of contact:

Okeke: Like I told you yesterday, I want us to be closer like before and that’s not the case for some time now. I wake up every morning with you on my mind and that’s why I have made it as a habit to call you and make sure the contact is not broken until we meet again whenever it is possible. As the year 2017 is staring I want us to remain closer. I want to know what’s keeping you off to send whatsapp messages like before. We are only in contact when I call you which means that there is something wrong somewhere and we need to talk about it.take your time and to answer me. Do not call on my land line as we are going to start school tomorrow. You can always reach me on my mobile and whatsapp. Bye for now and again happy New Year.

Bimbo: So sorry dear. I’m with my mum in ijebu. Nothing has changed. I will keep in touch more often.

Okeke: Have a wonderful day and always with my love. I’m glad to hear that nothing has changed.

The next day Bimbo made an effort to communicate because of Okeke’s warning.

Bimbo: Good morning dear. Hope your night was great. Do have a great day.

Okeke: Thanks my love and you too.

At night, she sent another message:

B: Hello dear. Hope you are good? How was your day? Sure splendid. School? Hope not too stressful?

Okeke: Long day at school. It’s very cold here. We are at a freezing point. And my love, how was your day with your mum? I pray you have more inspiration this year to write new scripts. You are very talented and I want you to continue on this path. In fact, no stress because I know my students.

Bimbo: That’s cool.

Bimbo: Having fun with my parents and siblings here. At least I’m away from Lagos stress for few days.

Bimbo: I will try to write some good script but the truth is, I’m not just in a good mood yet. Things are not just working out fine but I still give God all the glory.

Okeke: You have me and I will support you financially every month which I have already started last year. Do not fear! You have my back. So try to be in a good mood and write your scripts.

Bimbo: Okay dear. Thanks so much. Bless you.

Bimbo: Good morning. How was your night? Sure good. Just wanna wish you a fabulous and great day. Take care dear.

Okeke: Good morning my love. I was in the class when I received your message. Hope you are fine too. I’m fine and things are working out in a good way. Have a wonderful day. Je t’aime!

Okeke: Good night my love. Sweet dreams.

Bimbo: Hello dear. Been off line since yesterday. Phone acting up!

Okeke: Ohoooo! Is it working now? How are you today?

Bimbo: Yes it is. I’m good and sure you are too. How is school?

Okeke: Great!

Okeke: I’m building a hair salon website for someone. Lots of job here to start the year! I’ll call you tonight.

Bimbo: Happy and blessed Sunday dear also wishing you a very great and splendid week ahead.

Okeke: And you too my love

Bimbo: Thanks

Bimbo: Good morning and how was your night?

Okeke: Good morning my love. I slept fine and as you know Monday morning is another day which starts at 8am with my first class. Hope you are fine. Have a lovely day my love.

Bimbo: Yes I am. Take care.

Okeke: Good morning my love

Bimbo: Good morning dear. How was your night? Sure fine.

Okeke: Fine my love

Okeke: Tried twice on your phone to reach you for a chat. Bye for now and have a wonderful day.

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