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Bimbo: Good morning. I’m a church program

Okeke: Nice of you to return my call yesterday. I tried to reach you this morning just to check on you and hear your voice. I know you are very busy now and I will resume my frequent calls when you are less busy. Just let me know. Have a nice day. Take care.

Bimbo: Good morning. Happy and blessed Sunday.

Okeke: Good morning my love. Be blessed. Just on my screen writing a new book. I need your help to talk about the Yoruba film industry. The topic of the book is “The cinema in Nollywood English”. My argument is based on the fact that English is not our mother tongue and that people should be comfortable speaking their own language..Etc.  I want to publish this book before june this year. I want to know why you and your friends have decided to shot all your movies in Yoruba language. I will give you credit in the book.

Okeke: Sorry the topic of the book is Nollywood English in Cinema.

Bimbo: Okay. I will work on it.

Okeke: Thanks

No News as usual. Bimbo keeps quiet and chats with friends on Whatsapp and totally ignores Okeke who decided to withdraw from the frequent calls but something happened and he had no choice than to send her a text message.

Okeke: Strange!!!  Who is Temiloluwa Oshifeso? Do you know him? I got a strange Whatsapp message today. You can answer when you are free. Just want to know! Take care.

Bimbo: Don’t know him.

Bimbo: Hope you are good?

Bimbo: Send me the number met me check.

Okeke: Okay I will handle him. He is madly in love with you and I don’t know why he sent the message and photos to me and the message addressed to you. He must know you from the tone of the message.

Bimbo: Forward the number and the messages to me please

Bimbo: Sent you his photo? Please forward that to me also. Thanks.

Bimbo: So very strange…

Bimbo: I hope it’s not one of my friends trying to play pranks by stealing your number from my phone because like I told you, I talk about you a lot.

Bimbo: Why would he wanna send me a message and send to you instead? It’s quite strange and funny. I am sure someone is trying to play some pranks.

Bimbo: There’s actually a Temiloluwa Oshifeso on Facebook who lives in Brussels but studied in Lagos Nigeria. Got just one friend and one photo on Facebook. I am sure whoever sent you the message and picture is up to something because I don’t know why any Temiloluwa Oshifeso.


Bimbo: You know I won’t sleep if you don’t send me the number, photos and messages. Please I’m waiting. Thanks


Lover Boy: “Princess Opeyemi. How are you? I’m Temiloluwa Oshifeso. I won’t stop loving you even if you don’t accept me…I will always love you.

Lover Boy: I swear to God

Lover Boy: Take care

Lover boy: That’s me.

Okeke: That’s the message and his photos. So do you know him?

Okeke: I will send you his number now

Bimbo: Never seen him before

Bimbo: Did he mention my name?

Bimbo: The Temiloluwa I saw on facebook lives in Belgium and the picture looks like those taken outside the country.

Okeke: Yes. See it for yourself.

Bimbo: Oh he called me Princess, probably, he got to read about me on the website and took the number there which is yours.

Okeke: I think so

Bimbo: I’m sure it’s not a Nigerian number.

Bimbo: Send me the number

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