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Okeke: That’s his number. Do not call him! He used my number to reach you.

Bimbo: Hmmmmmm. Okay. I will just check on truecaller because I don’t have that number.

Okeke: He is a secret lover…!!!

Bimbo: Guess so

Okeke: Yes from his statement.

Bimbo: Same picture on Facebook. That’s what truecaller gave me.

Okeke: Are you at home?

Bimbo: Yes I am

Okeke: I called the number and I got Temiloluwa Oshifeso and he admitted that he was looking for someone. He apologized for having sent the message to me. I asked if he went to your website and he said yes. He is actually in Nigeria and not Brussels. Just called him few minutes ago because I’m free this morning and my classes are in the afternoon. So that’s the update. How are you this morning?

Bimbo: I’m good. Okay.


Okeke: Just tried to reach you now. I will try again. Call when you are in the mood. Good night.

Bimbo: I have been in the police custody since yesterday. They just released me now.

Okeke: What?

Okeke: What happened?

Okeke: I must talk to you tonight

Okeke: Let’s talk!!!

Okeke: I’m waiting for your line to be free

Okeke: Send me a message

O: I’m waiting

Bimbo: Wait please. I will get back to you soon. I’m with a senior officer and can’t talk much.

Okeke: Okay

Bimbo: trying to sign the bail bond

Okeke: Okay.

Okeke: Okay waiting for you.

Okeke: Waiting for you.

Okeke: Still at the police station?

Okeke: I’m waiting for you

Okeke: Sleepless night for me. I will call during the day to find out more…Be strong

Bimbo: Got home pretty late and tired.

Okeke: Oh my love.  Have a good rest. We shall talk this evening. I know what it means to be in police custody in Nigeria. I heard it’s a traffic offence which is a minor offence committed by a bus driver and not even you my love. I’m very proud of you and the courage you have shown in the face of injustice. Be strong for you are not alone in this battle. We will not adjust to injustice. Have a good rest my love.

Bimbo: The story changed and was turned on me. Said I beat up the police officer and tore her uniform. Now it’s the police against me because the bus conductor that beat up the officer ran away.

Bimbo: I will be fine.

Bimbo: On my way there now

Bimbo: now I am in a deep shit but will sure sort it out and I believe justice will surely prevail.

Bimbo: Still trying to solve the issue

Bimbo: You can call me now if you are still up

Okeke: Good morning my love. I’m with you as you go to the police station this morning. Let me know the final conclusion which I believe will be in your favour. Going to school this morning and I will be expecting your message. I will call Barrister Clem and his brother today and I will let you know when the next remittance will be okay. God bless you!

Okeke: Still at school but we are on break now for 15 minutes. What’s the situation of the case today?

Bimbo: Still here

Okeke called her in the evening. Bimbo support has been created to help bribe the police…..etc

Okeke: Good morning my love. I know you are at the police station again. Be strong and may the universe protect you. Always with my love. We shall talk.

Bimbo: Thanks dear. Good morning. On my way to the station.

Okeke: We shall talk tonight. Be strong.

Okeke: Good evening my love. How wsa your day?

Bimbo: I’m good. Hello dear. Battery very low.

Okeke: Please be strong and remain calm. It will come to pass. We shall talk.

Okeke: Good morning.

Bimbo: Good morning. Expected your call last night though I slept off almost immediately I got home.

Bimbo: How was your night?

Okeke: I’m sorry sorry. I knew that you were very tired with the police station. Nice night! I worked late yesterday night to finish the hair website. The lady who ordered the job is very happy with the work. Here’s the website……../

Okeke: I’ll call you tonight.

Bimbo: Okay

Okeke: My love you will receive an alert of 100K latest on Tuesday from Barrister Clem. Have a great day. We shall talk tonight.

Bimbo: Okay. Thanks so much dear. God bless you.

Okeke: Good morning

Bimbo: Good morning dear. How was your night? Sure good. Getting ready for church.

Okeke: Have a great day my love.

Okeke: Good day. How are you?

Okeke: What’s the situation today? Let me know when you are free today. Have a nice day.

Okeke: Tried your Skype line! What’s happening?

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