E – Book of Nollywood France | Bimbo and Okeke – Episode 3

nollywood France ebook

But Okeke continued the Whatsapp conversation: “You are not a sex person is your right because of your previous bad experiences. Here you confused me again! Our meeting in Frankfurt will be tense and is already happening now! We have to look at ourselves on the face and say hello! hello! You don’t want it! So, tell me what you want and why you want to see me in Frankfurt and why?
The conclusion of this conversation is that we are in a big mess because of lack of understanding of each other. I hope things will improve before we meet in Germany. All the same I will never stop to love you because you are a nice person but I can’t understand you and what you want. Have a nice day my love and try to understand me too.” The next day he called Bimbo on the phone.

“Hello you are still sleeping”, he asked her

 “Just waking up now” Bimbo replied

“We have to move forward. Yesterday was very hot and that’s how it should be.”

“Okay” she replied.

“We have to move on from here. Is it okay for you” he asked.

“Yes.”, she replied him.

“Are you still ready to follow me in this journey after our quarrel?” asked Okeke

“Yes” Bimbo replied

“So we have to move forward” insisted Okeke

“Okay” She replied.

 However, she felt really bad about the bluntness of Okeke because no man has ever talked to her in this manner. From that day Bimbo’s attitude changed towards Okeke and even when he called her on the phone to find out about how far she has gone about the trip to Frankfurt, she would just tell him that she was working on it. And that’s it!

The Frankfurt trip did matter a little bit to Okeke because he was invited by Golden Entertainment to receive the “Distintive Nollywood Profiler Award” for his works as a writer and journalist. Okeke loathes Nollywood Awards because what you get from them is simply the recognition and no cash or promotion for your work is offered by the organizers. Anyway, he will still go to pick his Award but he kept talking to himself as he read again the nomination letter.

“It’s just an empty Award. You will travel from Paris to Frankfurt where you will pay for your transport, pay for two nights in a hotel and feed yourself for an Award which makes little sense because you will go away with a recognition for self-achievement”. This soliloquy helped him to get off his chest the conversation he had with the organizer of the Event when he received the nomination letter from Golden Entertainment  which reads: “it is with great pleasure and honor that I write to intimate you of your nomination for the prestigious Nollywood Award……..”   then the interesting part of the letter reads: “Thanks in advance for accepting our humble but very noble pat on the back for all you have done for the propagation and promotion of a true and successful African brand…” then the sweetest part of the nomination letter was the big promise “We are also offering you two nights in a reputable 4-stars Hotel for your Nollywood trip pending your acceptance letter. Finally, when Okeke bought his ticket because Bimbo promised to meet him in Frankfurt, he discovered that the promise of Patty during one of their skype conversation to pay for a “reputable 4-stars hotel for two nights” was a fake promise. Patty said he had no money due to lack of sponsors. Too late to cancel the Paris – Frankfurt ticket! That was when he tried to reach Bimbo but she was not picking her phone. Okeke wanted to find out if she has got her visa to Frankfurt and one more thing was that Bimbo was seeking for the Canadian visa at the same time. Then he sent her a WhatsApp message: “just called to check on you but you are not picking! Very busy I suppose. I’ll try again later in the evening.”

Bimbo replied: “Went to pick up my passport at the German embassy in a public bus and guess what the noise didn’t allow me hear it ring.”

Then another message on the phone:

“Hope you are good. Just saw the missed call.”

Okeke replied: “Just came back from work. Call you later.”

Bingo! Message from Bimbo: I had to wait for hours to get the passport and getting it, I discovered the visa was just given today”.

Okeke: Great!

Bimbo: Please don’t say anything to Patty about the visa yet. I will explain when we talk.”

Okeke: Okay

The next morning she sent Okeke the usual good morning greetings which were the only way to keep alive their long distance love. Each time Whatsapp did the job! Whatsapp has been the bridge for their long distance relationship.

Bimbo: Good morning and happy Sunday dear

Okeke: How are you my love and happy Sunday too.

Bimbo: I’m good. On my way to church

Okeke: Pray for us!

Bimbo: Will do

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