E – Book of Nollywood France | Bimbo and Okeke – Episode 4

nollywood France ebook

In the evening, Okeke called Bimbo to find out more about the Canadian visa. Why should she look for two visas at the same time? That was the puzzle and during their phone conversation, Bimbo told him that she would like to be present at the TIFF (Toronto international film festival) Canada. The Frankfurt and Toronto festivals were planned to start on the same date. Okeke became somehow cautious because Bimbo has been confusing him all along their long distance relationship. He was not on the ground to find out things for himself. Any detail of what filtered out of her was based on assumptions and theories. Okeke would like to have some kind of baseline in his relationship with Bimbo.  Maybe, it was his fault not to understand her as a woman: the plan of a Nigerian woman in love who was getting ready to meet her “long distance lover” in Frankfurt Germany.  According to her, she was not coming to Frankfurt for the Film festival but to meet him and out of the whole millionaires in Nigeria, he was the chosen one.

“That sounds good”, murmured Okeke. “But still there are many things she was hiding from me”, he argued with himself struggling not to be bias on the issue. He had no choice than to send another WhatsApp message to warn her about the delay the Canadian visa would cause which might eventually hinder the Frankfurt trip.

Okeke: You have to withdraw your passport today from the Canadian Embassy because it might take twenty one days to obtain the visa. We need to see this weekend to cement our relationship. I’ll call you tonight to know how far you have gone.

Bimbo: Been to our office to make enquiry if my passport is still there but was told it’s been sent to the embassy. I dropped it on Friday afternoon believing the visas will be out by today according to the President. Just spoke with the President but he couldn’t talk where he was. Guess he’s still in the meeting in Abuja though he promised to get back to me. I need him to put me through the procedure and probably send them a mail on my behalf since it’s a group thing.

Okeke: Okay

Bimbo: Hello dear, quick update. The president of our movie association came back to Lagos from Abuja at past 11pm last night and on his way to the Canadian embassy right now to see what’s happening to the visas.

After this message there was no more news from Bimbo. In the evening, Okeke sent a Whatsapp message just to find out the latest news about the Canadian and Frankfurt trips. The big question now is Toronto or Frankfurt which one?

Okeke: I guess you are still in the meeting. Just want to get the update of your trip to Germany. Let me know tonight your plans.

No reply from Bimbo!

Okeke: You are not picking my calls. What’s happening? Sorry for the frequent calls! I will not call again until you decide to let me know why you have refused to pick my calls. This is new to me!

Bimbo’s reply came the next day. She was very furious when she read Okeke’s message asking her to give explicit reasons why she was not picking his calls.

Bimbo: Because I was sleeping and all my phones were on silence.

The next message came as loud as ever landing on Okeke’s phone. And what a sound which started by greeting him and that was Bimbo again. She picked a WhatsApp fight with him and there was no way to stop her rage.

Bimbo: Can’t pick calls while asleep. Was having serious headache so I took some medications just to relax a bit with all my phones on silence so the noise won’t wake me up. Wanted to sleep for few minutes but just woke up few minutes ago to find out I slept all the night.

As Okeke was reading it another one rang on his android telephone. It was Bimbo again and this time she had more explanations to prove to him that he was wrong.

Bimbo: Have I ever avoided your calls? So you say you won’t call me again till I decide to let you know why I refused to pick your calls like I’m avoiding you or something. That’s not a nice statement at all.  You did not wait until you hear from me first before getting to conclude. Well, the president was told the visas were ready yesterday which he rushed down to pick but on getting there, he got to know only his was ready and was told they are short staffed which is the reason others are not ready so we are going there today which is our conclusion because the Toronto International film festival also starts today Sept 8th and visas were suppose to have been ready for us all to leave yesterday. Secondly, I can’t just afford the fare right now. I checked the fare yesterday and quite high. Was hoping the visas will be out by now so I can ask the association to buy my ticket then pay later but as it is, I can’t seek such favour.

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