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My mum is a biracial. Her dad was Nigerian, while her mum was Caribbean. The sad thing was that my grandma died while giving birth to my mum. From the stories I heard, my mum was the spitting image of my grandma. The pictures proved this. My mum is a woman of exceptional traits, quiet, strong and a go getter. She never accepts defeat in areas she is sure of attaining victory and her heart of gold is the crowning glory to all these.
My dad is what I would call a military minded person, very disciplined, yet an opportunist. He used to say he was someone that worked hard for all he ever had and only ceased the opportunity when it provided itself. An example was when he got the chance to leave Nigeria. The man never looked back, Dad did not think twice. He upped and left. Funny enough, this was the time he met my mum.
One thing I would say about my dad is that he loved my mum. I remember growing up and my dad would always call my mum ego oyinbo (my treasure). This made her blush.
Now back to my birth, I was born into a family full of love, peace and wealth. Even though I came at a time that my mum was going through a lot in her marriage: she once told me that the moment she heard my first cry, I erased all her pain, my cry was her joy and my existence brought back happiness to her marriage.
She said for the first time in a very long while my grandpa once again called her my daughter and began showing her love like she has never knew. My arrival into the Tega’s family brought a lot of love and joy. You could say I was the cherry on the ice cream.

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