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Though my parents tried having another child, but that wasn’t the case and after a few more years of trying my dad gave up and decided to cherish me more than anything in the world. There was nothing I wanted my parents couldn’t afford, my dad worked as the head of Human Resources in an oil company and my mum was a lecturer in of one the major private university in the country. Money wasn’t an issue.

Statistically speaking I was a perfect 10: I am 6.0 inches tall; my body physique is divine like my dad would like to put it, he would always tell me that I took everything from my mother, her beauty, her smile, her hair. For my age I had a very mature body. At age 11 my breast was already a C size, and by the time I got to 16, my breast was like two water melons perfectly fitted on my chest. My hips got everyone talking whenever I walk down the street. What made my dad proud of me the most amongst all my attributes was my intelligence, I am brilliant and I am a fast learner, that was one thing he never agreed I got from my mother. My grandpa would always say that I grew faster than my age, I could remember one time he came visiting before his death, he told my mum to get me a body guard because with my growth I can easily be mistaken for an adult.

My dad wasn’t the only son, he had a brother he loved so much and always talked much about him. His name is Anthony, but my dad calls him Tony and that just stuck with us. He had been away from my dad for a while and though he missed my christening and all, he always promised to make up for it whenever dad made contacts with him and it wasn’t much long before uncle tony came back home. His arrival was another bundle of joy, at least for the time being. Uncle Tony was very happy to see me in person and I was happy to see him too. He spoilt me with gift, which was something I like a lot. Nothing made me much happier than opening new gifts. Once I saw the wrapper, I glowed from within, and Uncle Tony knew that. On his arrival he brought a box of gift all for me and me alone. My mum wasn’t too pleased with the idea of Tony staying with us and all her worries were settled by my dad’s determination that his brother would not stay outside when he had a house in that town.

My dad and Uncle Tony were like twins. They love each other so much that they practically do the same thing; they were also business partners though my dad and uncle didn’t always agree on one issue and that is marriage.
Uncle Tony wasn’t married and whenever my dad tried to talk to him about getting a wife and settling down he would always end up changing the topic. Part of the gift uncle Tony bought me were some sexy cloths and like he said they were to compliment my beauty which was something he never got tired of saying every time he lays eyes on me.

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