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Things were sweet and rosy around me. I felt love and I felt life couldn’t get any better than this. Little did I know that it is not all that glitters that is gold. The heart of man – or should I say the heart of Uncle Tony was desperate and wicked. At this point I have to say this: Not every uncle that showers you with gift really likes you. Most of them would hurt you the very first chance they get, and that was exactly what my uncle Tony did to me.
My troubles started just after my sweet-sixteen birthday. Albeit I was sixteen, I was looking twenty-five. My body screamed “woman”, but in my mind, I was a child. I was carefree, almost naive.
Like I said earlier uncle Tony and dad were into business together. He managed my dad’s fuel station. He helped the management my dad’s petrol station and sugar factory. Whenever dad was not around, he would run the business on his behalf.
It was that time of the year my dad had to travel for his medical check-up and due to how busy he had been he decided to make it a little family vacation and for the first time I wasn’t included.
On this fatefully Sunday evening while we were having a nice family dinner, my dad brought out the issue of the trip and I wasn’t happy about it because he decided to leave me behind, but their justification was valid. I had to prepare for my jamb exam that was coming up.

In addition, I had the best uncle in the world to watch over me and remembering how Uncle Tony had always showered me with gift my sad face was light up with smile. Five days after that dinner my parents travelled, little did I know that them leaving was the beginning of one of the many worst events that took place in my life.
For the record I need to mention that my parents travelled precisely on the second month after my sixteenth birthday. For a couple of days, I missed them greatly. But the notion of going to the university excited me. It reduced the way I missed my parent as I focused more on my books. I studied hard so that I could make my parents proud. I wanted to make Uncle Tony proud of me, too. He had promised me more gifts if I came out with flying colours. This made me very determined. I read day and night.

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