e-book nollywood france: the other side

On the 22nd of May 2008, the weather was not that friendly and I was unusually weak and tired so I decided to keep the books aside and relax my mind and which a better way I thought than to take a swim. Considering the fact that I was the only one at home at the time I decided to enter the pool naked blame it on my carefree nature.

As I swan back and forth in the pool, enjoying the feel of the water on my skin, I was lost in thought, thinking of what life could possibly offer a girl like me that I don’t already have. I also pondered about the dark side a little, thought about what my secondary school friends have said about life in the university, the boys, alcohol, drugs and the parties

.But the discipline my dad had installed in me made me know no way I was going to give it a try. The fear of my father was the beginning of wisdom for me, yet being in the pool and thinking of it at the moment was perfect. Under the water floating around as the ray of the sun touched me, you could say I was in my own world, but that world came to an end when I heard a voice saying “Onome has anyone ever told you how wonderfully made you are? I felt my skin crawl. I was repulsed. 

That voice I had associated with something sweet and loving was saying something ribald. To make it more interesting, I was nude! No one had seen me nude. I felt violated. He had intruded into my happy place. I was bothered. My first instinct was to go for cover; so embarrassed, I swam to the edge of the pool, pulled my towel and covered my body as I came out of the pool. I apologised to him, telling him I thought I was alone which he reckoned with when he agreed that I was home alone that he just came in but the way he said it gave me this feeling that he stood there longer than he had said. I rushed back to my room, took a proper shower, and threw myself on the bed. As for Uncle Tony I couldn’t tell what he did because I left him at the pool. As I said, the reason why I went to swim in the first place was because I was tired which explains why immediately I threw myself on the bed, sleep took me away.

 I was gradually brought back to life when I felt this sensation on my breast. I opened my eyes slowly, and I couldn’t understand or explain what I saw. It was Uncle Tony, he was seated on my bed, and had one of his hands slightly below my nipple and the other was caressing my fresh yellow laps.

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