e-book nollywood france: the other side

I have to say I didn’t understand what he was doing neither did I understand how I was feeling and as much as I tried to snap myself out of it I couldn’t, it was like there was an invisible hand holding me back. Meanwhile, my uncle had started kissing and touching in places a 16 years old girl shouldn’t be touched. Of course I opened my mouth and I made a sound, but I can’t say for sure if I was screaming or moaning, I didn’t even understand what I was feeling, the only thing I understood was what I said to him, I was able to bring out these few words together, Uncle Tony please stop, please”.
I wasn’t sure if he heard me because my voice was very faint and like a deaf beggar that needed my body to survive, my Uncle Tony paid no attention to me. He kept on kissing and caressing my body, I have to say if it was under the right circumstance I would have probably felt something but no it wasn’t so. It was so wrong yet I felt this strand of emotion that felt like bile and chocolate at the same time. Covered with only my towel, uncle tony had so easy access to my body and with me losing my consciousness fast, all I could make up was Tony standing in front of me stark naked with a wild on his face.
He got down on me, spread my legs and with one swift and powerful thrust, his manhood was inside my pussy. It was sharp. It was painful and with every single force, it was like a knife slicing my skin. As he thrust deep inside me I regain every consciousness that I have lost and this time the pain I felt made me scream so loud that Uncle Tony covered my mouth with his hands.

He wasn’t expecting me to be fully awake because from the way he acted I could tell my scream got him off guard but that didn’t stop him he was really hard so he just kept on thrusting his manhood into my vagina which was now bleeding.

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