e-book nollywood france: the other side

At this stage that sensational feeling that I couldn’t understand was gone, that chocolate feeling was buried, I knew perfectly what I was feeling, and it was pain so I screamed and struggled real hard to free myself but I wasn’t a match for him.

With every thrust and pound I felt I was going to lose my life and Tony didn’t bother hiding the satisfaction he was getting from taking away my pride, “you don’t know how long I have waited for this’’ he kept on saying and yes the words broke me. He broke me and I gave up the will to struggle. I was soaked in blood and I was in so much pain, Uncle Tony had taken away my innocence, no day goes by that I don’t regret ever meeting him and that day is a day I would never forget as a matter of fact, and saying it now makes it feel like yesterday and I feel so disgusted.

Right in that state, I took my mind back to all the good memories I had of Uncle Tony and replaced it with this bad one. I curse myself for ever accepting any form of gift, it all began to make sense – the whole sexy and skimpy cloth he got me, saying it complemented my beauty, it was all part of his amusement of me. He had been planning this all in his head for a very long time and those charming and caring behavior was for me not to see him as the real monster he was.

 While my parents were on vacation with the mind-set that their sweet loving daughter was in a very much capable hands, my pride, my joy and my carefree spirit have been taken away. I could scream, but I knew no one would come to my aid, all I had to do was pray to the gods that a miracle would come and it didn’t take long for my somewhat prayers to be answered; yeah my prayer was , as with another wicked trust from Tony, I couldn’t hold my consciousness anymore, I fainted.

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