E-Book of nollywood France| Bimbo and Okeke – EPISODE 1

nollywood France ebook

She sent a whatsapp message to Okeke which reads: “Good morning dear and how was your night. I couldn’t get to sleep all night but trying to catch some sleep now. Talk to you later. Start your day and week with a great heart while you do have a wonderful and blessed week also.’ Bimbo’s message comes every morning to kindle the heart of her lover in Paris. Both lovers live in two continents and two opposing cultures. And for three months Bimbo and Okeke talked on the phone and used whatsapp to kill the distance that separates them.

Almost an impossible love though! Bimbo lives in the bustling city of Lagos while Okeke, a Nigerian born lives in Paris. The ‘distant lovers’ had a squabble the previous night about sex on the phone. They have been talking for the past three months on Whatsapp and the old wisdom which says: “Out of sight is out of mind” failed woefully because the new information technologies helped the cross Atlantic lovers to continue their conversation every day. “And now the topic has to change”, Okeke told her on the phone.

In Okeke’s whatsapp reply he wrote: “I know my question last night about what you think about sex in our relationship was the cause of your sleepless night. You really shocked me with your reaction which shows that what you have on your mind since three months is a platonic relationship. It means also that we were not on the same wave length all this time. The question is why do you want to see me in Frankfurt Germany? Read again the poem I sent to you and you will understand that I was not just in “the best friend relationship with you”. I really love you and the spiritual relationship which binds us together must be consumed fully without any condition. In fact, I didn’t sleep the whole night. I’m still in deep pain because it sounds like you are doing your best to love me. That’s not what I want! You are with me or you are not! Pardon me for being blunt for that’s my nature and please don’t worry for me. I know how to heal my pains. Have a great day!”

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