Ebook: Cyprian Josson – “My Journey as a Write”: Part One

cyprian josson JourneyasaWriter e Book Cover

Brief overview of my journey as a writer starting at the age of nine

Throughout my life, I have been immersed in creativity, beginning in a time when the internet did not exist. Now, in the age of the internet where the world has become a global village, I continue with what I have been doing since my childhood—something I can vividly recall from the age of nine.
From a very young age, I have been passionate about writing and reading. As I transitioned into the age of information technologies and devices like Facebook, among others, I found myself privileged to utilize these tools. If you were to Google my name on the internet, you would find Cyprian Josson everywhere. This is because I have been actively involved in numerous activities in France, primarily with the Gospel and Negro spirituals international festival for ten years in the city of Chartres, which I now proudly call home.
I have also been engaged in African cultural events in the city, earning me the title of the African ambassador among the locals. Furthermore, sharing all my activities on the internet has propelled me into becoming an internet star. I advise a considerable number of people to embrace these modern tools as they are crucial for self-development in today’s world. Through the internet medium, some people quickly come in touch with me.
I believe my mission on Earth is to immortalize neglected stories that can add value and enhance the human mind. Stories have been told since the beginning of the world, and individuals like me across the globe respond to the call of perpetuating the ancient tradition of storytelling—evolving from oral tradition to writing essays, poems, and books.