How Cultural Beliefs Affect Women’s Struggles in Nollywood Industry

Chigul nollywood actress

In the Nigerian film industry, popularly known as Nollywood, many women struggle to get significant roles in movies. This issue is not unique to Nollywood, as it is prevalent in many other movie industries worldwide. However, Nollywood actresses like Chioma Omeruah, popularly known as Chigul, have witnessed firsthand the challenges female actors face in the industry.

The Pressure to Sleep with Movie Producers and Directors:

One of the significant challenges female actors face in Nollywood is the pressure to sleep with movie producers and directors to secure significant roles in movies. This issue is not limited to Nollywood alone but is a prevalent problem in the entertainment industry worldwide.

The Influence of Cultural Beliefs on Women’s Struggles:

Chigul believes that cultural beliefs are a significant factor in women’s struggles in the Nollywood industry. In many African cultures, women are often viewed as inferior to men and are expected to be submissive. This perception has been deeply ingrained in society and has affected how women are treated in various industries, including the movie industry.

 The Need for Gender Equality in Nollywood:

To address the challenges women face in the Nollywood industry, there needs to be a concerted effort to promote gender equality. This involves creating more opportunities for women to showcase their talents and ensuring that they are treated fairly in the industry.


In conclusion, the struggles faced by women in the Nollywood industry are not unique to the industry alone. The pressure to sleep with movie producers and directors, coupled with cultural beliefs that view women as inferior, has contributed to the challenges that female actors face. To address this issue, there needs to be a collective effort to promote gender equality in the industry, create more opportunities for women, and ensure that they are treated fairly. By doing this, we can create a more inclusive and equitable movie industry for all.