How Nollywood is conquering the world

Nollywood France

Nollywood movies offer the viewers the chance to daydream hence giving the hope that one day they may look like the Nollywood stars they love to watch. For Africans living in the diaspora, the home has never been so close! Before the Nollywood revolution, many Africans living abroad suffered from homesickness and nostalgia. Today, the healer is Nollywood! No doubt, these movies have dominated the African and diaspora market taking space away from the shelves of the American blockbusters because the storylines of Hollywood ignore the African way of life. What’s good about Nollywood is its capacity to show objective images of Nigeria and Africa. Many Europeans and people in the United States or elsewhere are now discovering Africa through Nollywood movies. Hooray Nollywood! Nollywood: The Billion Dollars Money Zone

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