Lucky Okorie, Producer, Writer, Nollywood Actor & Motivational Speaker

Lucky Okorie is a Nollywood actor in France

Lucky Okorie is a voice that makes us strong. It is not by chance that his name is tied to the Inspirational faith church Lyon and Relevants Citizen Ministry international Lyon, where he serves according to him “as a worker in God´s vineyard”. And part of his ministry is the theatre group, a rich tapestry of African storytelling workshops: he created for the members of his church which helps them to find solace in each other. Furthermore, the theatre group is featured in a new movie “MAMA DIAMOND” shot in the city of Lyon. Lucky Okorie is one of the executive producers of this movie.
As an actor, Lucky has featured in more than 1,000 stage dramas in many churches and events in Nigeria and France. Lucky graduated from Delta State University where he studied Theatre Arts. He has also written and directed a movie entitled “Wrong Step”. He has more creative projects on his table and whatmore Lucky Okorie is a kind resourceful man!

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