Nigerian Army goes to Nollywood with THE movie LAHIRA, by Cyprian Josson

Lahira nollywood movie

Fortunately, the events portrayed in the Nigerian Army film, LAHIRA, are a work of fiction. However, the question still remains: why is the Nigerian Army struggling to effectively eradicate terrorist organizations in Northern Nigeria? The answer lies in the fact that these groups are not just militant factions but are, in fact, lucrative enterprises worth billions of dollars. The Northern Nigerian power players, including the elites, are well aware of this reality and are familiar with the individuals behind these groups. Unfortunately, their commitment to eliminating them is not genuine since it would result in the termination of security votes and other financial benefits.

What is even more shocking is that the current Nigerian president has granted amnesty to some of the captured Boko Haram members, including Kabiru Sokoto, who orchestrated the 2011 bombing of the UN building. This illustrates that terrorism has evolved into a global business empire.

The video below, sourced from an independent channel, sheds light on the underlying cause of the problem:

We must recognize that this issue extends beyond Northern Nigeria and is a global concern that requires immediate attention. Let us join hands to combat this menace and secure a better future for all.

The Movie LAHIRA

The 26-episode television series featured on Africa Magic can be perceived as pure entertainment, but its underlying message may persuade susceptible viewers that the Nigerian Army is capable of handling any challenge. However, upon closer examination, it becomes evident that the finances behind the production should not be ignored. So what exactly is the storyline of the show?

Lahira follows the journey of a courageous young girl whose hometown is destroyed by armed individuals, leaving her no choice but to seek refuge in an IDP camp. Sadly, the same group of insurgents who razed her village launch an attack on the camp, abducting Lahira and other innocent girls. Even the camp’s leader, Doctor Louis Michel, is not spared from becoming a target.

Despite being held captive, Lahira does not give up hope and devises several bold escape attempts. Her perseverance annoys the insurgents who are determined to keep all the girls captive. At the same time, the Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) team leads the charge to locate Lahira and her companions while Doctor Louis tries to evade being taken as well.

In conclusion, while the series may provide some entertainment value, it is vital to understand the potential propaganda agenda that could be hidden behind its plot. We should always remain vigilant and question the motives behind any media production.