Nollywood Epilogue: The Billion Dollars Money Zone Part 1

Nollywood France

I began this book by asking the monetary worth of Nollywood industry and how we can quantify the market – in order words who are the lion shareholders. Who are the winners and losers? The following questions were explored by examining some key issues in the Nollywood industry and how they relate to the “mainstream cinema distribution chain. And what type of distribution channels obtain in Nollywood.
Throughout the ten chapters of the book, I have discussed how the Nollywood industry is shaping and influencing the world as the only Africa’s Soft Power, and how the new and old Nollywood relate to each other in different countries such as France, USA, Canada, the UK, Germany and Nigeria where the industry started with a shoe string budget in 1992 with simple camcorders which some observers like to mention as “one Camera” at the time. I have also followed up the activities of the different Nollywoods by underlining the motivation of the players in each of these countries which is nothing less than to promote Nollywood movies, byproducts and as a reward turn it into “Bread and Butter”. This is far from the simple claim that it is all about altruism, philanthropy or patriotism. It’s all about Money which is the main subject of this book.

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