Nollywood Epilogue: The Billion Dollars Money Zone Part 2

nollywood france image

My story has been one of profound insight into the Nollywood “Money Making Machine”. Nollywood: The Billion Dollars Money Zone shows the scramble for the “Nollywood Cake” by Africans in the Diaspora and Nigerians. It laid also much emphasis on the name NOLLYWOOD which has become across the globe the brand name to market African movies. Indeed, there is a lot of Cash to make in this vibrant and dynamic cinema industry from scriptwriting to different publications on the internet, but what many lacks is a marketing strategy. Rebecca Monyei, one of the observers of the Nollywood Market Trend puts it this way: “If you go into the Nollywood entertainment industry and you do not have a marketing strategy, you are cleared. It’s a game. It’s a playtime for you. You are not serious”. And my case study to elaborate Rebecca’s point of view is the story of Jason Njoku, the CEO and Founder of Irokotv Partners entitled: “ The Man who can sell sand in the desert”(Chapter 3) followed by the exclusive interview I had with him in 2013 for our magazine the Nollywood croissance Magazine.

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