Nollywood Epilogue: The Billion Dollars Money Zone Part 3

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Within the overarching narrative of Nollywood in the age of mobile devices, (Chapter 7) has also engaged directly with the claim that Stakeholders in the Nollywood industry from the smallest to the most prosperous one must adjust to the internet trend or die, involving a shift from the “Digital Terrestial Television”, a new technological innovation necessary for the distribution of cultural contents across the African continent (Page 68).
Where do we go from here? On one hand, it is true to say that the new information technologies are key to the development of the Nigerian Film industry called Nollywood, on the other hand, the breakdown of this evidence points at the mobile devices which has become the fastest adoption of mass communication whereby Nollywood viewers across the globe are addicted and non-viewers might also add Nollywood movies to their choice in their small mobile screens. As people shift away from the old school (desktops) to the new school as mentioned above, the Nollywood industry stands a big chance of becoming the first cinema industry in the world based on the population of Africa(more than one billion people) plus people of Africa descent scattered across the globe. And the ice on the cake is when we add the African Diaspora to the growing population of black people who what to watch movies that look like them. That’s the power of Nollywood! There is a big hope and market for Nollywood movies because the huge mobile phone market in Africa is also a business niche for African filmmakers.
In addition, there is strong evidence from my discussions within this book that the Nollywood film festivals, the different awards, piracy, the Alaba market in Lagos, Nigeria, and the high grossing movies have helped to turn the Nollywood industry into billions of dollar industry. Even if the estimates and figures need to be revised for better accountability, what counts is that the industry is the second employer of labour in Nigeria after the oil and gas industry.
In conclusion, the photos in the book will provide you with a lasting framework for placing images where words are not enough, thereby giving the reader wider sets of ideas that lie behind the new Nollywood industry. The book “Nollywood: The Billion Dollars Money Zone” is an indispensable and unique step to the riches of this African cinema, and precisely the Nigerian film industry – Nollywood which has become the umbrella name or brand for African Cinema.

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