Nollywood Filmmakers should have one VOD platform to sell their movies.

Nollywood France image

Thousands of Nollywood filmmakers including directors, actors and down the chain of production have nowhere to sell their movies which eventually will finish up in their drawers. You use your own money or raise money to shoot that nice story that no distributors out there will acquire or program in a cinema hall is the story of a good number of filmmakers in the Nollywood industry.

There is only one option to change this narrative. The solution is that all Nollywood filmmakers put hands together to construct one VOD – Video on Demand platform. It is a matter of common interest to make sure everyone is carried along in the Nollywood industry. Another solution could be to buy cinema theatres in Europe and the United States of America explicitly for the screening of Nollywood movies. It will be necessary as well to have a Nollywood International Fund, a common purse to help new Nollywood filmmakers in terms of training and production of their own movies.

If you have ideas of how to improve the distribution of Nollywood movies, do please drop them below.

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