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Our primary mission is to bring Nollywood to schools and universities in Europe. We have therefore created “FILM FOR STUDENTS WEEK” for students who are studying cinema and would like to take the Nigerian film industry as an option. Others might like to discover Africa and precisely Nigeria through films by filmmakers from this country.

During the event, students will work in different workshops for three days on how to produce Nollywood films: “the Nollywood style” organized by our team from the United Kingdom, Nigeria, the USA and Canada. Members of our team are professionals in the cinema world coming from different walks of life: Hollywood and Nollywood. They are passionate trainers and would like to share their experiences with students.

“FILM FOR STUDENTS WEEK” aims to introduce students to the Nigerian Film industry called Nollywood. There will be a free screening of Nollywood films carefully selected in order to develop students’ cinema culture and awareness. “FILM FOR STUDENTS WEEK” goal is to support classroom teaching on Africa by screening four selected Nollywood films followed by a questionnaire students would complete helping them participate in the conversations and debate with the directors or producers of the films.

The discussion with the Directors or producers of films screened during the event is necessary in order to enable students to gain a more profound and thorough understanding of African cinema, precisely Nollywood. Simultaneously, the objective of “FILM FOR STUDENTS WEEK” is to accomplish its educational mission by raising the consciousness of African development through cinema to students in Europe; to inspire and further students’ critical engagement and to broaden their horizons to a new cinema, which is neither Hollywood nor Bollywood.

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