Nollywood France is a Money Making Machine.

nollywood france on google search engine

Nollywood is a big business in France. Before 2013, you cannot find the word Nollywood on the Google French Search Engine, except when you type Nigerian movies. Nollywwod was first mentioned in France when I published Nollywoodcroissance Magazine, a free glossy online magazine to educate the french on a new movie industry from Africa and it’s impact on the black audience living in France. They were hungry for black images and there was none to quench their nolstagia as a people living very far from their countries.

However, there were other iniatives from innovators such as Nollywood tv and the Nollywood week film festival. At this period the search for Nollwood on google hasn’t become a big deal. But today, Nollywood France has turned out to be cool money : billions of euro business.

On google search engine today, you have more than five million results when you hit Nollywood France. Nollywood Tv takes the lion’s share and appears on the first page of google. Other french televisions are positioning themselves for the nollywood cake in France. The competition has become very agressive ! Unfortunately many Africans are not in this business.
There is still a lot of money to make in the nollywood industry in Europe, not to talk about Nollywood France where French companies have found their niche to make more money. And you can find them on google search engine when you hit Nollywood France.

Written by Cyprian Josson, Author of Nollywood the Billion Dollars Money Zone ( 2016). He is also a Filmmaker.

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