Nollywood Gets A Boost

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At our company, we are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting opportunities in the Nigerian market. Recently, we have come across a development that we believe could be a game-changer for the entertainment industry. French media company Canal+ has announced that they will be tapping into the Nollywood market through their acquisition of ROK studios. This move has the potential to bring billions of dollars to the Nigerian film industry.

The Acquisition:

Canal+ recently acquired ROK studios, a production company that specializes in Nollywood movies and TV series. ROK studios was founded in 2013 by Mary Njoku and has since produced over 540 movies and 25 TV series. The company has a large following in Nigeria and has helped to popularize Nollywood movies both within and outside the country.

The Move to Tap into Nollywood:

Canal+ has recognized the potential of the Nigerian film industry and is making a strategic move to tap into this market. Nollywood is the second largest film industry in the world in terms of the number of movies produced each year, second only to India’s Bollywood. In 2019, the Nigerian film industry generated over $800 million in revenue and is projected to surpass $1 billion by 2023.

Canal+ plans to use ROK studios as a vehicle to enter the Nollywood market and to produce more high-quality Nollywood content. By leveraging ROK’s expertise in the industry, Canal+ hopes to produce content that can compete with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Impact on the Nigerian Film Industry:

The move by Canal+ to tap into the Nollywood market has the potential to transform the Nigerian film industry. With their financial backing and expertise, they can help to improve the quality of Nollywood content and to expand its reach beyond Nigeria. This could lead to increased revenue for the industry and greater recognition on the global stage.

In addition, the acquisition of ROK studios by Canal+ is a sign of the increasing interest in the Nigerian film industry by foreign investors. This could lead to more investment in the industry and increased opportunities for local talent.


The acquisition of ROK studios by Canal+ is a significant development in the Nigerian film industry. With Canal+’s financial backing and expertise, the industry has the potential to reach new heights and to compete with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. As a company, we are excited about the opportunities that this development presents and look forward to seeing how the industry evolves in the coming years.