Nollywood – “I make my money from my business than from movies”, says Biodun Okeowo, Nollywood Actress

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The story of the Nollywood industry today is similar to the African proverb which says ” if everyone is a drummer who will dance”. We are in a period where everyone in the land is a filmmaker, director, actor, actress of Nollywood and the result is a saturated market of all types of movies.

Little wonder why Biodun Okeowo says that she makes her money from her business. She helps us to confirm the fact that if you want to be an actor or actress in the Nollywood industry, you must have a second job. It is a warning bell for the newcomers who think that the big life of Nollywood actors on the screen matches their real lifestyle. Many are broke to the extent they can not pay their hospital bills. 

As a Nollywood expert, I have met professionals in the industry who are making a lot of money. However, they are few because Nollywood can be likened to network marketing, a pyramidal market where the uplines make thousands of dollars from the efforts of their downlines.

From my research, if you want to join the Nollywood industry, you can position yourself as a marketer, film distributor, or buying shares from Canal plus, Nollywoodtv, Netflix and the StarTimes, video-on-demand platforms. They are the BIG boys in town! For sure, we have African VOD platforms with little investment. But they can not play in the same league as the multinational companies that have taken over the distribution of Nollywood movies.

By Cyprian Josson, Nollywood Expert and the Author of Nollywood, The Billion Dollars Money Zon

NOTE: I stumbled into the video below while writing this article.

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