Nollywood Movies on YouTube can compete with Nollywood films on video on demand platforms

Nollywood France

I watch Nollywood movies on Netflix and YouTube. I discovered recently that many Nollywood movies on Youtube can compete with the selected African films on Netflix. The movies on YouTube are free with a large number of viewers and their storylines are based on love, cheating, deceit and domestic violence. On the technical aspects, the editors and directors are doing marvellous jobs.

So what’s the difference between VOD platforms and YouTube? Producers recoup their money easily when movies are sold with licences for a certain period while on YouTube the owner of the movie gets a return on investment from 4000 hours of watch time. It’s a gamble to upload your movie on a platform like YouTube. Even if some films are on VOD platforms are not as good as the ones on YouTube, still, filmmakers stand a good chance to make money.

On this website, we shall publish nice Nollywood movies you can watch on YouTube. Leave us a comment and tell us your favourite movies and where you watched them

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