Nollywood Week Paris Part 6

Nollywood France

And finally to one question asked about the quantitative value of his festival from 2013 to 2017, Serge Noukoue answered: “If we add up all the tickets sold since the festival started in 2013 we must be close to 10 000. And I think we could have done better if only we had had more venues. But the most important thing is to have satisfied festival goers. There’s nothing more rewarding than to have people happy about the film they just watched. That certainly gives us the motivation to keep this thing going…”

The answers clearly express different perception of the penetration and reception of films in Nigerian languages in France. The first stresses the extent to which “Originality” is the driving factor in Nigerian films, and “language is not a criterion on its own”. If language matters less in a Nigerian film, then it can be argued that Serge Noukoue in few words gives credit indirectly to Nigerian scriptwriters who have written unique scripts whereby creating powerful and universal language through the activities of their characters in a particular film. They revealed more about the characters in the two above-mentioned films plus their motivations and this is how to move the story forward. In fact, good script is key!
The last answer offers us an insight into the growing market of Nigerian films in France. It may mean that the interpenetration and intensification of these films are true based on a growing audience and the activities of individual and business initiatives.

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