E-Book of Nollywood France: Title: THE OTHER SIDE – PART 1

e-book nollywood france: the other side

My name is Onome Emma and this is the story of how I transitioned from one sweet, innocent girl to – well, let’s just say… (sighs). Let’s just say I don’t even know what to call myself anymore though one thing is certain; I am far from being sweet and innocent. If you are reading this right now, I would ask you not to be quick at judging me and the way I decided to live my life but if you still want to go ahead to call my kettle black just make sure you are not the one doing the boiling.

Listen to how I became the Slay Mama which is what most of you would probably remember me for. A child is said to be the crown joy of every marriage and in our great country Nigeria just like most African countries too, when a couple isn’t blessed with the gift of the womb for a certain period the woman becomes the victim of all sort of circumstances and my mother wasn’t left behind. Due to our myopic nature, if a woman is married for a certain period of time without a child, it is considered a taboo and moves might be made by the family of the husband to either throw the woman out or bring in a new bride who they feel would be able to bring joy to that family.

I am sure you understand my point unless of course you are not a Nigerian or an African for that matter but if you are then you know not having children on time is one of the major problems in marriages. This was the scenario my parents faced as I didn’t arrive as early as they had hoped. Before we get into that here are some few things you need to know about my parents, my dad met my mum when he was on holidays in the Caribbean’s.

Written by Anita Adesina

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