The mental health of Africans in the diaspora

Mental health of Africans

Africans in the diaspora know that staying away far from their homes leads to a personality crisis, which can be detected by refusing to adapt to a country’s code and conduct. To be in a sound mind in a foreign country means that you must speak the language of the people. This is the first key to having a good job, doing business and interacting with the native on social occasions. There are other signs that whether an immigrant from Nigeria, Cameroon or the Republic Democratic of Congo has mental health problems, even if they keep on laughing and fail to admit the problem.
Mental health issues such as anxiety and fear affect more immigrants who are undocumented and for the settled Africans, their mental illness is associated with jealousy and rivalry among one another. Their melancholy has nothing to do with not visiting their homeland. Many do. Our brothers and sisters suffer from emotional stress because they have refused to join social activities.

So how can we help our brothers and sisters who have mental disorders without knowing? They should consult African psychotherapists. Why? Because a good number of European and North American experts in this field do not understand the « cultural healing » methods ancient people in African used to heal mental illness. An African psychotherapist, despite the fact that he studied in a western university, will definitely mix the two sciences to heal his or her patient.

In conclusion, it may be argued that a majority of Africans in the diaspora do not mix up with the native for fear of racism. Another reason is they are in their comfort zone when they are with people from their country. It’s a time to talk with a loud voice like an African, eat with your hand and crack silly jokes. All that is good because it blocks nostalgia for a while and loneliness creeps in when one meets with the natives. However, lots of other Africans in the diaspora have gone beyond mental illness.

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