The Quiet Village Girl written by Cyprian Josson – Amazon books: Commentary & Analysis Part 3

Nneoma as in the quiet village girl written by cyprian josson

Cyprian Josson’s work delves into the intricacies of the special bond shared between grandmothers and granddaughters, depicting them as unsung heroines who work tirelessly to bring about change within their communities. One such example is the courageous Nneoma, who fearlessly confronted and tried to kill a venomous cobra that had bitten her granddaughter, Amaka, on the farm. With an unwavering sense of self-assurance and bravery, Nneoma protected her beloved grandchild from the clutches of the malevolent serpent. Josson’s portrayal of Nneoma celebrates her as a powerful and indomitable woman. However, as is the case in any society, there will always be cynics who seek to discredit and undermine the accomplishments of others. When the villagers heard of the incident on the farm, some dismissed it as a mere hallucination on Amaka’s part, choosing to deny Nneoma’s heroism and cast her as a liar. We can learn much from the inspiring actions of grandmothers like Nneoma, who embody the spirit of resilience and courage. They are the unsung heroes whose stories of bravery and selflessness often go unheard, and whose contributions to their communities are often overlooked. It is essential to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of these remarkable people, men, and women, who serve as beacons of hope and agents of change.

In conclusion, the concept of Chi is an integral part of Igbo cosmology and has a significant influence on the culture and beliefs of the Igbo people. It represents an individual’s personal connection to the divine and is responsible for guiding and directing one’s life. By properly caring for one’s Chi, the Igbo people believe that one can achieve their true destiny and lead a successful and fulfilling life. As Nneoma opines, “Nwa Omo, your Chi is bright. Let your Chi always be awake”. It’s only our Chi who knows how and when we can come back to this world. Stop dreaming my child” during a conversation with Amaka, her granddaughter said.