The reception of films in Nigerian languages in France

Nollywood France

There is a widely shared study that the penetration of Nigerian films, known as Nollywood, in France started gradually with the distribution of Nigerian DVDs in places like Chateau Rouge (African market in Paris), followed by the advent of the new information technologies like the Internet which gave people access to watch any type of movie on a number of personal devices. However, the “Nigerian Cultural Week” in 2006 organized from 25th – 29th September 2006 by the Nigerian Embassy in Paris and NIDOE (Nigerians in Diaspora Organization Europe) was the first stepping stone to a new kind of awareness of Nigerian films, and in this case, it was limited to showcasing some films during the event while awards were given to Nigerian actors and directors who were invited to grace the event.

Their glossy magazine which was not uploaded on the Internet stands as a starting point in examining some of the initiatives by individuals and business ventures which has been associated to Nigerian films: Nollywood France, after this grand event to promote the image of Nigeria in Paris. During this event, six films were screened for the Parisian audience: “Amazing Grace”, “Queen of the Rain Forest”, “Eziza”, “Before the Sun Rise”, “Across the Niger” and “Osuofia in London” plus roundtable sessions which focused on two themes: “The role of indigenous films and domestic economy” and “How do films influence or reflect culture”. All the films screened during the “Nigerian Cultural Week 2006” were subtitled in French language with the permission of the producers.

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