The unusual Story of the early years of Nollywood by Christian C. onu: book review written by Cyprian josson

christian c. onu

Christian C. Onu is a veteran Nollywood director who has been at the forefront of the Nigerian film industry for over two decades. One of the movies he directed, Living in Bondage 2, has been highly praised for its realistic portrayal of life in modern-day Nigeria, and Onu’s unique voice has helped to elevate the art of storytelling in Nollywood.

But Onu’s career in film didn’t start with Living in Bondage 2. In fact, he was one of the pioneers of Nollywood, having made his mark in the industry during its early years. And now, he has written a book about those early days of Nollywood, titled The Unusual Story of The early years of Nollywood.

The Unusual Story of The early years of Nollywood is a fascinating look into the birth and evolution of the Nigerian film industry. Onu takes readers on a journey through the struggles and triumphs of the early filmmakers, who had to navigate a rapidly changing landscape as Nollywood transformed from a small, local industry into a global phenomenon.

Onu’s book is more than just a history lesson, however. It is also a personal tale of perseverance and determination. Onu himself faced numerous challenges as he worked to establish himself as a filmmaker in the early days of Nollywood. But he never let those challenges get in the way of his dreams, and through hard work and dedication, he was able to make a name for himself in the industry.

One of the things that set Onu’s book apart from other accounts of Nollywood’s history is the way he tells the stories of the people who were there from the beginning. Onu not only writes about the major players in the industry, but also about the lesser-known figures who made significant contributions to the growth of Nollywood. This gives The Unusual Story of The early years of Nollywood a unique and intimate feel, as readers get a glimpse into the lives and experiences of those who helped to shape the industry.

In addition to being a great read for anyone interested in the history of Nollywood, The Unusual Story of The early years of Nollywood is also an inspiring story for anyone looking to pursue a career in the creative arts. Onu’s journey from struggling filmmaker to successful director is a testament to the power of hard work and dedication, and his book serves as a reminder that with enough determination, anything is possible.

Overall, Christian C. Onu’s The Unusual Story of The early years of Nollywood is a must-read for fans of Nollywood and anyone interested in the history of the film industry. It is a captivating and inspiring tale that offers a unique look at the early years of Nollywood and the people who helped to shape it into the thriving industry it is today.

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