Uche the Nigerian immigrant in Paris: Episode 5: by Cyprian Josson – African Writer in Chartres

uche the nigerian immigrant in paris

One day, Uche was approached by a young man from Nigeria who had just arrived in France. The man was undocumented, just like Uche had been when he first arrived. He was living in a chambre de bonne, working long hours at a restaurant just to make ends meet.

Uche saw himself in the young man and knew that he had to help. He offered to take the man under his wing, showing him the ropes and helping him navigate life in France. He introduced him to his friends and helped him find a better job.

The young man was grateful for Uche’s help and quickly settled into his new life. He started taking French language classes and saving money, just like Uche had done. With Uche’s guidance and support, he was able to build a brighter future for himself in France.

Uche felt a sense of pride as he watched the young man thrive. He knew that he had made a difference in someone’s life, and it filled him with a sense of purpose. He continued to volunteer his time and offer his support to other immigrants, knowing that he could make a difference in their lives too.